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a blast of wind laden with sand

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grind with a sandblast

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The company underscored a commitment to front discharge mixer fleets with investments in paint (left, center) and sandblast (right) booths.
The aim of this study was to compare mean shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets on sandblasted versus diamond bur roughened amalgam surfaces.
Grouping: control group: MC3T3-E1 grown on polished Ti samples; SLA: MC3T3-E1 grown on SLA Ti (400 [micro]m Si[O.sub.2] sandblast + acid etching) samples; SLA + HT: MC3T3-E1 grown on SLA + HT (400 [micro]m Si[O.sub.2] sandblast + acid etching + 4 mol/L NaOH hydrothermal for 4 h) samples.
Customers who activated SandBlast on the Avanan Cloud Security Platform were able to block it before any infection occurred, as SandBlast identified it as a sophisticated zero-day ransomware.
The DEQ also reviewed the matter of the sandblast waste, and fined the company $2,750 for the improper disposal of that waste.
Grain sorghum, soybean, and winter wheat seedlings exposed to several levels of sandblast at 5 different stages following emergence.
Brownell's recommends the parts be sandblasted before the finish is applied; and if the gun is not pitted with rust, this would be the fastest and easiest method.
Even dust-size ash particles can sandblast windshields, infiltrate sensitive instruments, and clog engines.
Strauss came up with a small, portabletool that could sandblast and vacuum simultaneously.