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You can go swimming in the waters around the sandbar, or just lounge around with a good book, enjoy the scene with good friends.
This summer will mark two years since they opened the SandBar, one of the top attractions on Tripadvisor in the area.
From Spanish goons to our present oligarchical thugs, the Philippines stretches out like a sandbar waiting to be defiled.
This sandbar is also near the Pinamuntogan Island-you can tell your boatman to stop by here.
Summary: New York City [United States], Dec 28 (ANI): A New York City ferry, with more than two dozen people, has struck a sandbar in Coney Island Channel.
EST - All 27 passengers on board the NYC Ferry that crashed into a sandbar in Coney Island were evacuated safely by NYPD and FDNY.
According to a Science Channel promo, scientific analysis shows that rocks on a sandbar call- Adams Bridge- situated between southern Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka is not a myth but reality, reported The Times of India newspaper yesterday.
He claimed he was hurt when his speedboat rammed a sandbar in a river in Rosario, Argentina.
A rescue team freed the grounded freighter Glory Amsterdam from a sandbar near the North Sea island of Langeoog and ruled out an oil leak, German authorities said on Thursday.
SANDBAR IN COLD SPRING HARBOR This new fall item features seared scallops with yam puree, roasted carrots and pistachio emulsion.
Panaji: The Indian Coast Guard rescued four crew members from an off shore casino vessel which got stuck on a sandbar off Miramar beach.
My favorite thing to do on the beach this time of year is to find a shallow outer sandbar on a secluded section of beach, stand waist deep and throw a fly.
It would have to be The Sandbar, Anna Maria Island, Florida, for sundowner cocktails.