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parasitic tree of Indonesia and Malaysia having fragrant close-grained yellowish heartwood with insect repelling properties and used, e

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Responding to a question on the efficacy of his pre- poll alliance with Lalu on his Twitter handle on Tuesday evening, Nitish had quoted a couplet of the medieval era poet Rahim to suggest that he was like a sandalwood tree, which did not lose its fragrance
Comparative phytochemical analysis and antibacterial efficacy of in vitro and in vivo extracts from East Indian sandalwood tree (Santana) album L).
Their work began, of course, with the labor of locating the sandalwood trees in the forest.
Possibly originally introduced from the Timor islands, the parasitic sandalwood trees Santalum species such as S.freycinetianum (Lanal sandalwood) and S.
Tenders are invited for Supply of manpower for security of properties including sandalwood trees in the ml-2 campus during 2018-19.
Summary: Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 03 (ANI): In a major security lapse at the Raj Bhavan, the residence of Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao in Pune, five sandalwood trees were chopped and stolen by unidentified thieves.
Global investment firm KKR partnered with Santanol to address the issue of the deforestation of native sandalwood trees by providing an alternative source to the illegal market by offering a sustainable source for sandalwood.
Rangers patrol the park every night to prevent thieves stealing any of its precious government-owned Sandalwood trees, a threatened species indigenous to South India but only grown in the Western Ghats and a few other mountain ranges.
Arunasalam Thirunavukkarasu, the Secretary of the Tirukethieswaram Temple Restoration Society and handed over two young Sandalwood Trees to him.
These weaknesses are partly tempered by the company's vertical integration after the purchase of a distillery, the growing diversity of its investor base and the rising portion of company-owned plantations of Indian sandalwood trees, S&P added.
He is also said to have slain more than 2,000 elephants for their tusks and felled thousands of sandalwood trees.
While sandalwood oil is scarce in terms of world resources, the region of Western Australia has the world's largest remaining source of sandalwood trees which are harvested under strict environmentally responsible resource management guidelines.
Its mountain slopes were covered with forests of sandalwood trees, and its valleys were lush with grasses, plants, and herbs.
In spring the Malabar wind, swollen by the breathing of snakes that encircle sandalwood trees, makes travelers swoon.
In light of the recent controversy over logging of native sandalwood trees near Kealakekua and subsequent calls from the community for restrictions, Dahlen's efforts might also keep him on the good side of environmentalists.