sand trap

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a hazard on a golf course

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Potential licensees in the sporting goods accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Golfers' Sand Trap Goggles on a worldwide basis.
The team is evaluating strategies for improving the tilt even if Spirit cannot escape the sand trap, such as trying to dig in deeper with the wheels on the north side.
I hit my tee shot in the sand trap and my second shot further down in the same sandtrap.
Even then I nearly ran off the short grass and I was left with a 130-yard uphill shot to a twotiered plateau green guarded on the right by a sand trap.
He steps off his board, and wobbles over to the sand trap.
But if you don't know a 7-iron from a sand trap, pay attention.
And if the green he misses happens to be on the fringe in a greenside sand trap, he could very well get up and down.
landing area, creek, sand trap, etc) can be viewed per hole.
Disposal 2 500 tonnes screenings, 1 100t sand trap.
Fifty teams had to navigate a 278-yard course that included obstacles like 3-foot high log hurdle, a small pond called the "The Widow Maker" and a sand trap called "Sand Mountain.
Maione's green Buick stuck in a sand trap, with its rear wheels off the ground and its front end damaged.
Work has already been carried out to install sand trap and perimeter fencing.
The team kept him on the track too long on worn out tyres and he slid into a sand trap at the entrance to the pit lane.
FORMBY: Coast and countryside rangers are calling eco-friendly volunteers to join in with the annual sand trap fence building, and rescue Formby's sand dunes from erosion.
I hit into the right sand trap, took it out (hey, I didn't have my sand wedge) and pitched from the rough to about 12 feet and made the putt.