sand eel

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very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches

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Now the sand eel stocks are dwindling we are turning our attention to other species and there is a massive fishery to gather the krill from our seas - again not for food, but for oil and animal food.
Erik Bonde Pedersen, Chairman of the Board of TripleNine, told Feedinfo News Service: "While it is good that the sand eel quota was increased, fishing was nonetheless delayed by two weeks and that affects the bottom line.
Finding a fat, calorie-packed sand eel at the right time, in the right place, is becoming harder.
Try sand eel if you can get hold of any or black lugworm which is a good firm bait.
NO doubt a few anglers fishing beside 15-year-old Finlay Seymour on Roker pier had a chuckle to themselves when he cast out a orange muppet baited with sand eel.
We will get something like the situation in the north-east where the sand eel population has disappeared," Ms Maiden said.
The one minute attack was launched as one of the birds attempted to snatch a sand eel from the beak of a passing Arctic tern as it returned to the nesting ground to feed its young Photographer Lee Davis, who shot the images at the Farne Islands in Northumberland last July, said: "One of the birds was coming in with a sand eel and then another bird just tried to mug it.
We have therefore made sure that the plant is operational before the sand eel season.
Ty Croes still giving good catches of ray with sand eel best bait.
He fished his home town pier wall with sand eel as bait and hooked a 9lb conger, a smalleyed ray and five dogfish to stake his claim to the pounds 130 top prize.
Anders Illaborg, agent for a small fleet of eight Scottish boats based in Denmark for the short summer sand eel fishery season, said: "There are major questions to be asked as to why this accident happened.
In amongst the masses of mackerel there have been a few nice pollock from Roker Pier, Mick Brown fishing with a live sand eel took one of 6lb.
Horden beach has given up a number of thornback rays - best 6lb - on crab, and from the same beach there have been a number of lesser-spotted dogfish taken on sand eel.
Competitors can only use lugworm, red ragworm, mackerel, squid or sand eel as bait.
Frank Oldham fishing out of Amble with trolled sand eel took pollock to 9lb.