sand cast

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pour molten metal into a mold of sand

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But you will still have to work reasonably quickly, so don't stop to admire your handiwork until you have all the sand cast.
Georgia Ductile is a manufacturer of sand cast iron components, primarily for the automotive industry, focusing on suspension and brake components.
Researchers concluded the following after comparing conventionally sand cast and ablated aluminum metal matrix composites.
Georgia Ductile, a privately held corporation, manufactures sand cast iron components primarily for the automotive industry focusing on suspension and brake components.
In addition to aluminum and steel investment castings, the company provides some sand cast components.
A consistent 85+ BHN, even in T6 or T61, is not easy to achieve in sand cast A356.
Turbodyne's light metal division is a manufacturer of machined permanent mold and sand cast aluminum products for the automotive industry.
Danko Arlington crafted the replica anchors from digitally enhanced computer models of the originals and sand cast them in aluminum.