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a bar of sand


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The names of the suspect and the victim have not been released, but the woman was identified by witnesses as an employee of the Sand Bar, Brahney posted on Facebook.
PURE TRANQUILITY: From left: The main bar at Kurumba, Maldives, the Sand Bar at Kurumba; Dolphins jumping during a sunset cruise and, right, travel writer Sam in the orchid farm
Two cops did take it out on a sunny day in May and ran it aground on a sand bar.
That average is a snare if there is a narrow sand bar four feet under water in the channel and your boat draws five feet.
The assault craft hit a sand bar and Grant fell into the water.
He thought he saw a sand bar at the end of the Kagalaska Strait, meaning that the passage did not connect both bodies of water.
To our left was a big sand bar that came out of the ocean, and we figured they probably just had landed there.
There is a river you have to get past before you can reach the sand bar where the best waves break.
But you had to know that the tide came in quickly and also sideways on that part of the coast so you could easily get cut off by the water and trapped on a sand bar.
Wildish has gravel operations on both sides of the McKenzie River, adjacent to the sand bar the company wants to dig.
At the beginning of the 20th century the river mouth was frequently almost closed by a sand bar (S.
A third, smaller ship was driven onto a sand bar and broke up, leaving the crew to huddle in the wreckage for 36 hours until the storm abated enough that rescuers could reach them.
The operation to remove the oil is the first step in securing the ship, which lies on a sand bar off Sidmouth, on east Devon's World Heritage Coast.
And living near a river provides him with relaxing after-twilight hours, sitting on a sand bar, catfishing.