sanctum sanctorum

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a place of inviolable privacy


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(Judaism) sanctuary comprised of the innermost chamber of the Tabernacle in the temple of Solomon where the Ark of the Covenant was kept

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Soon after that, the Trudeaus touched their foreheads on the ground inside the sanctum sanctorum.
The office staff and I would hear heated exchange in the sanctum sanctorum, and the call buzzer would blast, shocking my ears.
The decision came on a petition by a Muslim women's foundation that asked the court to restore the shrine's regulations to 2012, when women were allowed into the sanctum sanctorum albeit through separate queues and at restricted timings.
As the legendary theatre company from Mumbai's Juhu, considered the sanctum sanctorum for performing arts aficionados, actors, producers and playwrights in India, plans a five-day festival at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, starting April 27, there's no containing the excitement among its large body of fans.
After being forced by the Bombay High Court to lift the centuries- old ban on entry of women into its sanctum sanctorum, the temple in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district is now in Supreme Court battling claims that a massive 22 acre chunk of land adjoining it is actually a Wakf property.
For I recall an aunt of mine taking me to a Shani Mandir in Hyderabad where I stepped in rather gingerly, aware of the fact that women were banned from worshipping that god in his sanctum sanctorum.
Its sanctum sanctorum is located at Nine Zero the nondescript house of the party's founder, Altaf Hussain, on a small 120-sq yard piece of land.
The sanctum sanctorum is accessed by ascending three marble stairs, and a raised marble iconostasis extends across the width of the church, housing nine large door icons in the bottom part and 35 medium-sized icons in the upper part.
It was during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure that Babri locks were surreptitiously opened to place idols in its sanctum sanctorum.
While majority of Indian devotees offer flowers, sandal paste and fruits to invoke divine blessing, the 'Thekkan Palani' Balasubramania temple differs as chocolate bars are offered in the sanctum sanctorum, The Times of India said.
The clean-cut void and rising lingam above it signify the images in the sanctum sanctorum and, as the eye moves further away, the shikhara rises, dwarfed due to its distance but nonetheless dignified in its demeanour.
1) The Kalachuri artisans excelled in innovating with traditional architectural forms, as is evident from the vrittasamsthanaka (circular sanctum sanctorum) of the Shiva temples at Mahasaun in Rewa and Chandrehe in Sidhi (both 950 CE), from the sunken sanctum sanctorum found at the Pataleshvara temple of Amarakantaka in Anupapur (1200) and the recently discovered Shiva temple at Baghedi in Rewa (1000).
Begin your day early with a round of meditation at the sanctum sanctorum.
He added, "It had to take [Vitug], a veteran of investigative reportage, whose credibility as a journalist is beyond question, to pry open the curtains veiling a sanctum sanctorum.
Once, I was even reduced to checking out the 'master bedroom' of an Indian family that wanted to reduce its rent-load by loaning out a room normally considered the sanctum sanctorum.