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Synonyms for sanctum

Synonyms for sanctum

a sacred or holy place

Synonyms for sanctum

a place of inviolable privacy

Related Words

a sacred place of pilgrimage

References in classic literature ?
I have said that "to enter the Cafe in the cul-de-sac Le Febvre was to enter the sanctum of a man of genius" - but then it was only the man of genius who could duly estimate the merits of the sanctum.
In exchange for one penny its five hundred thousand readers received every week a serial story about life in highest circles, a short story packed with heart-interest, articles on the removal of stains and the best method of coping with the cold mutton, anecdotes of Royalty, photographs of peeresses, hints on dress, chats about baby, brief but pointed dialogues between Blogson and Snogson, poems, Great Thoughts from the Dead and Brainy, half-hours in the editor's cosy sanctum, a slab of brown paper, and--the journal's leading feature--Advice on Matters of the Heart.
This is our friend's consulting-room (or would be, if he ever prescribed), his sanctum, his studio," said my guardian to us.
With much pleasure, sir," Da Souza answered, throwing open with a little flourish the door of his sanctum.
He walked through, looking neither to the right nor the left, crossed the great library, with its curved roof, its floor of cedar wood, and its wonderful stained-glass windows, and entered a smaller room beyond--his absolute and impenetrable sanctum.
Beaumont, the editor, too--I suppose he is lying upon the blue-and-red Turkey carpet which adorned his sanctum.
The dry-room, this pantheon, this sanctum sanctorum of the tulip-fancier, was, as Delphi of old, interdicted to the profane uninitiated.
Returning, the boy beckoned him from halfway across the room and led him to the private office, the editorial sanctum.
My first pretext for invading the sanctum was to bring Arthur a little waddling puppy of which Sancho was the father, and which delighted the child beyond expression, and, consequently, could not fail to please his mamma.
She took us up to her sanctum, and introduced us to her fellow dispenser, a rather awe-inspiring individual, whom Cynthia cheerily addressed as "Nibs.
Pickwick; and after a short conversation conducted in whispers, walked softly down a little dark passage, and disappeared into the legal luminary's sanctum, whence he shortly returned on tiptoe, and informed Mr.
Father, will you come up into my sanctum, and look at my new sketches?
The ushers in all the ministries bow down to the ground therefore, and voices from the innermost sanctums take on an eager tone when they say, 'Faites entrer.
She could do good, if not noble, work as a teacher; and the success her little sketches were beginning to meet with in certain editorial sanctums augured well for her budding literary dreams.
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