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Synonyms for sanctuary



Synonyms for sanctuary

a sacred or holy place

something that physically protects, especially from danger

the state of being protected or safeguarded, as from danger or hardship

Synonyms for sanctuary

a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept

a shelter from danger or hardship

area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir

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Officers have sight of the wolf and are working with staff from the sanctuary to detain it," a Thames Valley Police spokesman said.
Anyone can call itself an 'animal sanctuary,' whether it's a roadside zoo or a backyard breeder.
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary -Situated in the northernmost part of Kerala in Thalassery, Kannur, Aralam wildlife sanctuary is an important natural reserve in India.
The award is one of five grants awarded by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation to expand public awareness of ocean and Great Lakes conservation issues in partnership with America's national marine sanctuaries.
By my definition, a sanctuary is an area of deer cover I try to keep generally tree of human disturbance from at least a month before any season opens until the final season ends.
Quriyat, Jun 25 (ONA) Ras Al Shajar Sanctuary is one of the unique areas for its rich biodiversity, and many natural, animal, plant and geological elements.
by ONA The sanctuary was founded in 1985 under the umbrella of the Office for Conservation of Environment at the Diwan of Royal Court.
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Also called Keoladeo National Park, this is arguably the best known bird sanctuary in India.
NOAA s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is soliciting public and stakeholder comment on a recommendation to modify the current boundaries of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the northern Gulf of Mexico.
LUXURY travel specialists Sanctuary Retreats took delivery of Sanctuary Ananda, its new boutique river cruiser in Myanmar (Burma), ahead of schedule, following an 18-month build by local Myanmar shipbuilders.
Anyway, the City of Sanctuary (CoS) idea soon took hold, and is now a national movement.
Staff at Albert's Horse Sanctuary in Cawthorne need to raise PS2,000 - to pay for a cancer operation on one of their popular animals.
A positive alternative exists in animal sanctuaries, from a donkey sanctuary in Canada to a bear rescue operation in China.
Sanctuary Retreats Sanctuary Retreats Adds Three Boats to Nile River Fleet .
Aa2 debt rating to the proposed GBP300 million bond issuance of Sanctuary