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implying sanction or serving to sanction

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The sanctioning countries must avoid a situation in which leaders of the sanctioned country can argue that it is being "picked on" by a bully (a role the United States, and especially the Congress, have in recent years too often been willing to play).
Staff are given assessments and if they are not sanctioning it can lead to poor assessments, which can then lead to disciplinary action.
In contrast, we find that sanctioning sustains public goods provision at a level above that observed in the absence of sanctioning opportunities, and so sanctioning appears to be a more effective mechanism for sustaining contributions.
These data include detailed information on the timing and severity of sanctions, enabling us to examine the dynamic patterns of sanctioning, factors associated with being sanctioned, and the relationship between sanctioning and subsequent outcomes.
Every capital management process involves allocation decisions, sanctioning decisions and monitoring (which may or may not lead to reallocation decisions).
Otherwise, "[i]f a sanctioning member had to wait until a hostile power acquires nuclear weapons .
The AICPA believes that "indirect accountability" would result in sanctioning a from associated with "offending practitioners," disproportionately harming the firm.
Senders (the sanctioning countries) consider not only the current dispute with the target (the sanctioned country) but also future possible disputes.
Therefore the responsibility for protection of the civilian population reverts to other legitimate authorities, particularly the sanctioning parties.
OTCBB: DMSP), the premier sanctioning body and promoter of professional dirt track racing in the United States, is relocating its corporate and operational headquarters to North Carolina during the fourth quarter of 2006.
It said the worst impact would result from the sanctioning of the Pasdaran itself for terrorism.
If an approved body or state board metes out any other sanction, as a disciplinary measure, the member would be subjected to an appropriate sanction based on sanctioning guidelines developed by the PEEC and approved by the AICPA Board of Directors.
OFAC Reporter offers heightened awareness of politically exposed persons and financial fraudsters on a global basis and helps meet mandates set by global sanctioning bodies, such as the U.
This week, the EU specifically voted to impose sanctions on Salehi again, merely updating the stated reasons for sanctioning him to include the fact that he is now foreign minister, a direct affront to make clear he wasn't just on the list as an oversight.
Since those countries that have imposed sanctions on Iran are stuck with several economic problems, they do not have the ability to practice their decisions about sanctioning Iran," Farxin added.