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Synonyms for sanction

Synonyms for sanction

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

an act of confirming officially

a coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity

to accept officially

Synonyms for sanction

a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards

Related Words

official permission or approval

give authority or permission to

give religious sanction to, such as through on oath

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Private Ryan was not sanctionable because the words used were integrated
If a Rule 137 motion does not allege the sanctionable conduct with specificity or fails to identify the fees and costs associated with the alleged violation, a respondent should consider demanding a bill of particulars to obtain that disclosure.
W]e have used the powerful instrument provided by CISADA's "special rule" to persuade major European and Asian firms, including Shell, Statoil, ENI, Total and INPEX, to terminate or take significant verifiable steps toward stopping potentially sanctionable activities in Iran and provide clear assurances that they would not undertake any sanctionable activities in Iran's energy sector in the future.
Other nations that do not really believe in the goal of nullifying a specific terrorist group will make efforts that are too half-hearted to be effective but real enough to be distinguishable from sanctionable incompetence.
We believe the need for sequential order in lifting sanctions should only be applicable to those countries that remain in arrears or are in possible breaches that are sanctionable under Fund articles.
Among other things the rise in breaches stemmed from the way activation 'contracts' widen the behaviours and activities required for compliance, creating opportunities to add new areas of sanctionable conduct (Diller, 2000: 1157-58).
The question is at what point, if any, does a controlled, intentional or reckless attack occurring during competitive contact sports contest cross the line to sanctionable criminal misconduct?
52) OCC has yet to explain, however, why it could not use its ample enforcement authority under section 8 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (53) to proscribe those practices as "unsafe or unsound banking practices" (54) and to work with the FTC and the Federal Reserve Board to develop the requisite interpretations that would identify those practices as "violations of law" sanctionable under the Act.
Work is not just supported, but compelled: the failure to work is now a sanctionable offense punishable by a loss of all or part of a family's grant.
appropriately sanctionable and will be reported by the Attorney General
While reporting 0s is not sanctionable, the failure to complete the pro bono section of the form is a disciplinary violation.
Since regime change per se is not a sanctionable justification under the UN Charter, even other members favouring such action must be supplied justifiable grounds for approval.
Likewise, despite the intimate connections between the development of the modern legal system and the Methodistic movement, (26) the legal subject--primarily identified as being sanctionable by the force of the State--is not the same as the self constituted by Method and the group to which it belongs.
Even though the judge confirmed we had acted ethically and there was nothing sanctionable or actionable and that we acted in the best interest of our client, we felt in an abundance of caution to let Miss Baldridge find another attorney so there would be no question at all, ever,'' Wallin said.