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Synonyms for sanctimoniousness

a show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess

Synonyms for sanctimoniousness

the quality of being hypocritically devout


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There's a fine line between conviction and radicalism, between moralism and sanctimoniousness, between thoughtfulness and ineffectualness, between resolve and stubbornness.
2012), moral sanctimoniousness (Leak & Finken, 2011), and even an immature faith (Leak & Randall, 1995).
Undeniably the Brotherhood's self-righteousness represents a major predicament for progress in the Arab world, but it would be equally sanctimoniousness to discount a movement that received close to 25pc in Egypt's presidential votes.
This tradition (even made up as it is by devoutly religious writers such as Waugh and Spark) eschews the earnestness and sanctimoniousness that render the corpse a site of reverence, sorrow, and horror; as a tradition it could be said to begin with Oscar Wilde's well-known quip that one must have a heart of stone not to laugh at the death of Little Nell.
289) Swift and vengeful retribution is no more called for than sanctimoniousness.
The story, however, does not revolve around either the Israeli-American couple or the first-person narrator who has assigned himself the easy job of throwing darts at the inflated balloon that is Yerucham's sanctimoniousness.
In the same pattern of amorality and sanctimoniousness, townspeople are about to stone the naked Mari Gaila to death for fornication, only to be baited by her foolish husband's last-minute mouthing of Christ's words which had saved the Gospel prostitute.
Martin hates Ross' sanctimoniousness, as the three effectively proceed to tear each other apart.
Its features are a love for abstractions rather than action, selfrighteousness over self-improvement, inflamed nationalism, easy judgement, moral sanctimoniousness over moral understanding and a gnawing sense of inferiority and victimhood.
This is evil gossip, which becomes a sort of permanent ritual of hypocrisy and sanctimoniousness.
Should we always trust translators, or do they sometimes slip in oversights and sanctimoniousness that destroy the text [see Lolita, translated to Spanish by Enrique Tejedor (Grijalbo 1976)]?
Sanctimoniousness, a subcategory, lists words including hiwung (Old English), lipholiness (1591), and mawwormism (1850).
They cleverly and subtly conceal their schemes from the ignorant population, and with grandiloquent and predictable words in their many compositions they try to prove that the Murshid is able, through fasting, lack of sleep, and other pious rituals (that is, sanctimoniousness [khanzhestvo]) to reach a state of divine truth and become endowed with imaginary supernatural secrets, and that in so doing he can be considered close to divine and make miracles happen with the help of the divine light that constantly issues from his soul.
We cannot affirm that we have the truth and that we can transform humanity, nor should we fall into Puritanism or sanctimoniousness, idealizations or abstractions or dichotomous spiritualization.