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in a sanctimonious manner

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Nathan sanctimoniously claims devotion to "his country" England, to the derision of Herries.
The one thing he hates most, I think, is being talked down to, or sanctimoniously admonished by moral gatekeepers.
And until such firms' sanctimoniously hypocritical activities come under serious scrutiny, tax evasion, legal or not, will continue to proliferate.
So after a couple cripples sanctimoniously sailed behind us into thick cover, I took my dogs to find them.
Now these same Germans--who, be it noted clearly, as an export-driven economy have benefited enormously from the weak euro resulting from the Greek debt crisis sanctimoniously demand that the Greeks bear the entire burden of the disaster.
Fondakowski's overarching goal is to humanize the participants, and she is not afraid to show them in their weaknesses, in one instance sanctimoniously counting the drinks an interviewee consumes.
Earlier the 44-year-old had sanctimoniously booked Ross Barkley and Emre Can for a bout of hand-bags.
So new that local officials disregard it, sanctimoniously denying the request of a dying woman to transfer her benefits to her same-sex partner--even as they bend the law to collect multiple pensions for themselves.
The films reference sexuality and significantly put it on hold in the traditional manner of Puritan art, which manages to be sanctimoniously asexual while simultaneously suggesting an idealized eroticism transformed into a spiritual force that is powerful and intoxicating.
Iam not in the least impressed by - indeed I am somewhat contemptuous of - those Members of Parliament who say sanctimoniously that they should not get a pay rise and that they are planning to give the PS7,000 rise to charity.
With increasing petulance and a psalm to the beautiful soul that left the dirty work to others, sanctimoniously shutting its eyes, averting them so as to save itself from anything that might upset it, with eyes too pure to behold evil, who has looked upon unbearable iniquity.
She was unaware that I knew, so I suppose she was allowed to behave quite sanctimoniously and able to transfer whatever guilt she felt about her affairs on to my infidelity.
Dialogue, dialogue and dialogue at first was its constant refrain pompously and sanctimoniously for months.
Writing in The News (May 24) on ' The Other India' and the election result "which masks and misleads", former information minister in the first Benazir Bhutto administration, Javed Jabbar sanctimoniously observed, "The ink on the voters' thumb has faded but the red-shade of the victims' blood remains indelible".
These rich boys (mostly) will continue to puff and posture sanctimoniously about not taking pay rises.