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in a sanctimonious manner

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In the final chapters, Mary's double-life as a prostitute is exposed and she explodes in a convulsive rage upon learning that Jane has sanctimoniously donated Mary's entire hidden stash of money--the sum earned from countless nights playing the part of 'Sukie' behind the Crow's Nest pub--to the church, an action that ultimately results in Mary's murderous attack on Jane with a meat cleaver.
Register-Guard editors, who faithfully adhere to The New York Times encyclicals and rarely stray from trendy media orthodoxy, sanctimoniously criticize even the vaguest allusion to a higher authority in any public forum ("Drop the prayer," Nov.
We even sanctimoniously roped our grandson Jacob into doing it with us.
After sanctimoniously complaining about making a big election about small things President Obama continues to embarrass himself and diminish his office with his un-presidential behavior," said Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman.
This sacred thing of which parsons and other Christian folk ranted so sanctimoniously, how immoral--according to their own standards--it could be
Maugham's missionary is constantly and sanctimoniously studying, reading aloud and quoting from the Bible.
In the face of Andreu's protestations of innocence, Mossen Terricabres thinks "dema m'afaitaras: tots diuen el mateix, o quasi tots" (163), and he sanctimoniously declares that "Els homes no podem matar: Deu no ho vol" (164), words that are highly ironic in view of Andreu's imminent execution for a murder he did not commit.
Instead, they think, often sanctimoniously, that they are simply voting to safeguard the health of patrons, workers, and society at large.
While some 50 new Chinese construction laborers arrived, immigration officials sanctimoniously called for the deportation of 50,000 foreign workers.
Doubtless Hard Working Teacher will be sitting sanctimoniously at home on strike days - as schools will be closed because of lack of staff - but be prepared to take the pension if the action has the desired affect.
WHEN THE AKEL chief sanctimoniously announces that his party would never allow the working people to be burdened with the cost of the economic recession, it was not clear which working people is he actually referring to?
Goodluck declared sanctimoniously that Nigeria ought not to eschew itself from blame for the lack of productive industries and the high rate of unemployment, despite the country s proven gas reserves estimated at 187 trillion cubic feet (tcf).
Mary Anne advises Olive sanctimoniously that there is a 'Higher Power' who will judge her; "Who?
The Bean court then sanctimoniously observed, "We do not decide the merits of this motion for severance based on subsequent events during the trial[,]" before launching into an extended review of those subsequent events "as in Daugherty" to "illustrate the prejudice which results when the motion for severance is not granted at the earliest possible point.
The press went wild, while the sober religious commentators on state television pronounced on the tragedy sanctimoniously.