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a religious ceremony in which something is made holy

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Next, a series of Roman Catholic responses to Lutheran teaching are considered, in which a consistent concern relative to the Lutheran doctrine of sanctification is observed.
We developed the Community Sanctification of Forgiveness (CSF) scale to assess this construct.
At the Manila archdiocese, a holy hour will be observed in all parishes upon the instructions of Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle in commemoration of the feast and in observance of the Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.
The proximal construct of sanctification can contribute to the understanding of the relationship between religiosity and division of household labor, by taking into account how the division of household labor is perceived from a religious perspective, that is, how it is "sanctified.
President Ivanov and the foreign diplomats attended the ceremony of the sanctification of the water of Lake Dojran.
Routine prayers at the Himalayan shrine in Uttarakhand will resume soon after the sanctification and atonement ceremonies at the sanctum sanctorum that has been already spruced up by the authorities.
In many ways, theosis helps us achieve a more integrated understanding of the dynamic of sanctification and within the salvific telos of creation (Paul M.
He covers transatlantic roots: origins and transmission; early evangelical contact: paranoia and hegemony; mediating consensus: harmony, significance, and replication; negotiating an ethical maze: pietistic flexibility and the sanctification of slavery; and long-term implications: evangelical secularization and union.
By "cultivating a life of prayer," he told the priests, one can transform daily work into the "gymnasium of your sanctification.
Keywords: parental aggravation, newborns, religion, child temperament, growth-curve modeling, sanctification
The Christian faith is about the sanctification of life, its elements, motions and movements.
it is not too early to assert that the protest emerged out of a long-standing sense of humiliation and anger at the sanctification of Islamophobia in the West and at the failure of the political institutions in the new North Africa to take into consideration the sacrifices and the programs of the Islamists.
The Second Vatican Council taught in Lumen gentium that "Many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside" the visible confines of the Catholic Church.
is the dynamic of salvation in which the dynamic of sanctification is 'garbed'" (58).
Raymond Lahey has accepted the Decree of Dismissal, which also requires him to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in reparation for the harm and the scandal he has caused, and for the sanctification of clergy.