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a religious ceremony in which something is made holy

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Naval Chief expressed sanctification over the performance of Bahria Foundation.
The 1977 decision to build an athletic centre--euphemistically called a "Gym Annex"--over part of the land on which the shootings took place, and the movement that arose against it, marked a profound struggle between the forces of obliteration and sanctification. If there is criticism of this section of the book, it is that this discussion should be greatly expanded.
The inclusion of Jewish rituals of kiddushin (marriage sanctification) into mixed-marriage ceremonies has been a growing trend in American Judaism.
In the translators statement discussing her 2016 NEA Literature Translation Fellowship, Ani Gjika contends that the concept of "negative space" in the work of poet Luljeta Lleshanaku enables the author to "look back at the reality of her Albanian past, giving voice to those who have historically failed to speak up for themselves." In a postcommunist era marked by a "new code of sanctification," the poet speaks for herself as well, moving beyond the bunker mentalities of the twentieth century.
Recently, Rabbi Itamar and his wife Miriam spoke about the possibility that one of them would be killed for the sanctification of God's name, and agreed that they were prepared to courageously rise to this challenge
Freedom in the exercise of stewardship responsibilities is part of our sanctification, or how God renews fallen men and women into the image of his Son.
"Some of those imported animals were also used in war as they had a specialized training centre back then and some other were used for sanctification," Abou El wafa added.
The case drew wide coverage in the local haredi media, with some Hasidic newspapers dubbing the search a "Sanctification of God's name."
" He added: "They agreed to maintain the reputation and integrity of the PMF with the rejection of being sacred, but the sanctification just for the martyrs who sacrificed their blood." He noted that "they agreed that the founder of the PMF is the fatwa of the religious authority in Najaf, and did not get an agreement on the question of the survival of the PMF, and this matter has been referred to the authority in Najaf after the expulsion Daesh, and they discussed the Turkish military intervention in Iraq.
He also visited hospital medical store and expressed his sanctification on availability of medicines.
If this has a scientific flavour (like education and mental health sanctification)--so much the better.
This was a Kiddush HaShem--a sanctification of God's name internationally.
Justification is to lead to sanctification, the process of becoming ever more like Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our example.
Sanctification: Explorations in Theology and Practice is a recommendation for scholarly theological studies collections and provides a new examination and viewpoint of sanctification and its relationship between faith and human responsibility.