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Synonyms for sanatorium

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The officials said the amount of compensation will vary from 8 million to 14 million yen per former patient depending on the time they spent in sanatoriums, based on a May 11 ruling by the Kumamoto District Court.
Leprosy patients, who had limited freedom in sanatoriums, were sterilized or in some cases forced to have abortions.
There are several sanatoriums North Caucasus built with Azerbaijani investments, one of which is the modern sanatorium "Istochnik" in Yessentuki.
"In the past, when there weren't any hotels or sanatoriums, people would come to Naftalan and stay with locals," said one of the doctors at the Sehirli sanatorium, Fabil Azizov, sitting in her office under a portrait of strongman President Ilham Aliyev.
References to tuberculosis Sanatoriums figure in the biographies of several prominent twentieth-century Yiddish writers.
With no antibiotics and no effective vaccine to treat it, the best hope for those who could pay was the fresh air, high altitude, rest and good food found in sanatoriums in mainland Europe.
Leivick (Leivick Halpern)--who drew on their experiences as patients in tuberculosis sanatoriums in North America at Denver's Jewish Consumption Relief Society and Mount Sinai Sanatorium in Quebec.
He uses as examples renovated sanatoriums around the world, which are used to treat many other serous ailments as well as TB.