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Synonyms for sanatorium



Synonyms for sanatorium

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14) SLRS proved that this statement is also applicable for the leprosy sanatoria.
It has been proved that sanatoria and spa treatments are the best and most effective way to recover from many diseases.
I AM writing a book about the treatment of TB in Wales in pre chemotherapy days, when patients spent long periods of time in sanatoria isolated from their families and friends.
The key early model for Modernist sanatoria was Jan Duiker's Zonnestraal at Utrecht of 1926, but this was soon overtaken by Alvar Aalto's sanatorium at Paimio of 1928, the epitome of Modernist hospital design.
The case was brought by a taxpayer group that argued federally funded medical payments to Christian Science-run health centers, known as sanatoria, violate church-state separation because the facilities depend on prayer, not medicine, for treating patients.
Drawing on the largely unexplored manuscript collection of Flick himself, who, as an early proponent of the idea that consumption was contagious, helped organize the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, conducted an extensive private practice, established several sanatoria and founded a tuberculosis research institute, Bates is able to give a full account of the vagaries of the anti-tuberculosis movement in Pennsylvania from 1880 to the 1930s.