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tending to cure or restore to health

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Allegories of Telling: Self-Referential Sanative in Contemporary British
Osklar Eatebany soul sanative, touch the water bottles and this water, increase the growing plant that had irrigation.
Since the telos toward which the sanctified person proceeds is supernatural and disproportionate to the end of human nature, grace, in Aquinas's understanding, serves not only a sanative but also an elevating function.
First extolling the "tranquilizing and sanative influence" of farming, Emerson writes, "Beside all the moral benefit which we may expect from the farmer's profession, when a man enters it from moral causes, this promised the conquering of the soil, plenty, and beyond this, the adorning of the whole continent with every advantage and ornament.
The Political Unconscious: Sanative as a Symbolic Act.