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tending to cure or restore to health

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The camp itself is situated on 16 hectares in the pine forest that presents a perfect setting for the recreation and sanative activities.
Caribbeanist IDMP is rooted in the sacred geometry of the Trinidad Carnival African Dance and Music as a sanative force and intercessory foundation of perfect self-expression.
14) For that to be the case, the novel itself makes clear, the type must be "a very small one" so "the sanative particles" in the ink may "have the advantage of being spread so infinitely thin, and with such a mathematical equality" to be most effective.
The numbers of publications about hearing disorders self-perception, habits and hearing loss risk factors in farmers is yet rare, mainly due to the sanative model that originated Speech Language Pathology: seeking the control and treatment of diseases [13].
Indeed the larger serious purpose of comedy in Hawthorne's vision seems to be that it has a sanative effect.
Allegories of Telling: Self-Referential Sanative in Contemporary British
Diminazene aceturate has no prophylactic effect, being rapidly excreted from the body, but it is particularly useful as a sanative drug that it cures infection which are resistant to other drugs (Whiteside, 1962).