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(Hinduism and Buddhism) the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth

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Samsara Blues Experiment is a psychedelic, heavy blues, rock, three-piece band.
The participation by General Catalyst in this fundraising round of Samsara has facilitated the General Catalyst MD Hemant Taneja to take a seat at the Board of Directors of Samsara.
For example, the definition of samsara gets right down to business: the cycle of rebirth.
The chapter describes the 2001 film Samsara directed by Pan Nalin.
Winds of Samsara is gentle and earthy, infused with instruments, vocals, and words from around the world including Australia, Africa, and India and recorded in a diversity of locations like India, Johannesburg, and Los Angeles.
O artigo "Sinval Garcia e os fluxos incessantes em Samsara," de Cinthya Marques do Nascimento e Orlando Maneschy (Brasil) apresenta a obra de Sinval Garcia, desaparecido prematuramente (1966-2011), particularmente a serie Samsara (1997) onde este autor se auto representa como um corpo exposto, morto, em transicao, em paixao, ou em exibicao, observando-se uma inquietacao sobre a identidade e a existencia, adivinhando-se uma outra procura.
Prominent themes are dharma (ethics and duties), samsara (cycle of rebirth), karma (right action), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of samsara).
A quick tour of Nirmaya, through the elegant lobby area with comfortable seating on one side and high stools on the other, the multi-cuisine restaurant Cafe Samsara with simple and unassuming art work on the wall and the six cottages named after spices, spread over the three acres--I knew I was ready to make new memories in Thekakdy.
Located in the US state of Louisiana, the New Orleans port has reached an agreement with India's Samsara Shipping to represent the Port in India.
Another project, Samsara, inspired by experiential Zen philosophy, presented architectural excellence blended with green embrace.
Over 25 local businesses and entrepreneurs such as Puro Hair, Kaprii Jewels, Samsara Skin, Trunk Junkies Vintage and The Scent Company were invited to exhibit at the venue.
1 Less sugar, more Omega-3 Jessica McDonald, owner of skincare clinic Samsara Skin "I plan to reduce my intake of sugar, as it breaks down proteins in the skin in a process called glycation, which causes skin to wrinkle and sag.
Mining for Wisdom Within Delusion: Maitreya's Distinction Between Phenomena and the Nature of Phenonema and Its Indian and Tibetan Commentaries is not for your casual new age shelf reader, but for any interested in scholarly surveys of Samsara and the reality that comprises the mind's true nature.
Berlino Grand Barcelona Casino Samsara Suite Atene Theatre Samsara Spa Watch video of the salvage operation for FREE at www.