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(telecommunication) the frequency of sampling a continuously varying signal

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When the single update PWM is used, system response to unit step change with [k.sub.at_critical] changing is shown in Figure 8, while the sampling frequency [f.sub.s]=10kHz and resistance r=0.01[OMEGA] are constant.
The main attribute of AHRA is its capability to adapt the sampling frequency to the state of each worker to detect unhealthy conditions which could lead to accidents.
Figures 7 represents input audio signal in .wav format with a Sampling Frequency of about 48 kHz..
Figure 8 shows the acceleration of the moving sensor using a sampling frequency of 400 Hz.
Figure 4 shows the simulation of our S/H for an input signal frequency [] = 10MHz and a sampling frequency [F.sub.S] = 100 MHz.
For a discrete digital signal, the size of the square grid [delta] is chosen as the reciprocal of sampling frequency f.
Closely related to that is the minimal required sampling frequency (twice the "Nyquist frequency") 1/[T.sub.s] = [f.sub.s] [greater than or equal to] 2[f.sub.max], which is necessary to obtain all information about the signal.
We analysed travelled distance of markers during the period of 54s (100 Hz sampling frequency) of recording (Fig.
In addition, frequencies A and B are mixed with the sampling frequency C and C'.
Its reciprocal 1/[DELTA]t is called the sampling frequency in units of samples/sec.
HFP 1.6 with Wideband Speech Hands Free Profile (HFP) 1.6 produces significantly better sound quality for wireless conversations by increasing the frequency bandwidth dedicated to voice calling (now 50Hz - 7kHz) and doubling the sampling frequency (now 16kHz).
We employed the ADC Delta-Sigma integrated in the PSoC, in which the sampling frequency of 2 Khz was configured according to the bandwidth of the signal and the sampling with 14-bit resolution.