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items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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"The master sampling frame and use of GIS/Remote Sensing for agriculture census workshop is extremely beneficial for the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics as it is conducting the Integrated Agriculture Census for the first time.
Let [x.sub.i],- = ([x.sub.i,1], [x.sub.i2], ..., [x.sub.iT]) be the observed values that define the trajectory of unit i in our sampling frame for times t between 1 and T.
For instance, the CCHS and CTADS use a slightly different sampling frame: the CCHS used a combination of an area frame (40%-50%), lists of telephone numbers (40%-50%) and randomdigit dialing (RDD) ([+ or -] 1%) to cover their sampling frame while the CTUMS/CTADS used an RDD-only strategy.
The sampling frame used for the pilot study consists of an aerial photo of Berekuso obtained from Google Earth with a Graphical Information System (GIS) map layered on top, showing the one main road through the town and the relative densities of structures in different parts of the town [Figure 1].
Guidance on the more subjective criteria was provided by the NMFS National Bycatch Report Steering Committee to ensure consistency in scoring among regions, e.g., by providing common definitions of criteria such as partial and complete sampling frames, random, haphazard, stratified, and probability based sampling schemes.
Combining the counties for the two years, the urban sampling frame creates a dataset of 46 counties that are urban counties of large metropolitan areas, yet categorized as low-wage.
Absolute cover = (number of points where a particular species is "hit") / (total number of point (potential hits) within a sampling frame).
One barrier to conducting general population veteran studies is the absence of a sampling frame that includes contact information from which to identify and recruit potential research participants.
In addition, the authors critique and illustrate factor analysis in exploratory and confirmatory strategies, offering guidance for anticipating elements of a complete data collection instrument, determining sampling frame and size, and interpreting resulting coefficients.
This would involve working out a better sampling frame for the Census and existing household surveys to better capture migrant households, as well as including additional questions in existing surveys that can help better understand and assess their living and working conditions.
of Texas Health Science Center) update their pocket guide which unites survey sampling designs and survey data analysis, concentrating on probability sampling in which each element of a population has a known probability of being included in the sample, and on samples in which researchers can construct a sampling frame that lists suitable sampling units that encompass all elements of the population.
An accounting population's sampling frame need not be a list.
In our opinion, this population is ill-defined and lacks a sampling frame, which makes the estimation of participation rates difficult.
In sites that used an RMA client roster as the sampling frame, beneficiaries not among the RMA's active cases had no chance to be selected into the sample, and their exclusion could bias study findings if their characteristics of interest--say, drug use--are different from those in the case file.
The Statistics of Income series of studies uses the Internal Revenue Service' s Master File Systems as a sampling frame, and tax returns as survey questionnaires.