sample distribution

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items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

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Sample Distribution Specimen Total Culture Staphylo-coccus MRSA Samples Positive aureus Pus 1687 546 (32.
mathematical expression not reproducible] is the expectation when the observation value of sample distribution [[gamma].
Oroho previously served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the PDMA Alliance, a national trade association focused on sample distribution and pharmaceutical marketing and sales compliance.
The sample distribution shows that 69% of the rock dust samples contained 1% or less quartz, while 97.
While comScore has made meaningful progress, the panel's sample distribution is still highly biased.
This will cause the traditional test statistic in a large sample distribution to not belong to the [chi square] distribution, but rather to a non-standard and non-similar distribution which is affected by nuisance parameters.
In other words, assuming a large sample size and normal sample distribution, 68% of individuals should fall within [+ or -] 1 SD of the mean or, in this example, between 2% and 14% improvement.
2) Although free sample distribution does present some benefits to patients, it is uncontrolled and accompanied by distorted data and gifts.
Additional random number generators built into the ECSL system include routines using random distribution, normal distribution, and arbitrary or empirical sample distribution tables.
Colorado is a state with a set of rules, which, when working in tandem, put the state in the middle of the sample distribution in terms of how many schools make AYP.
The flexible workstation automates all common ELISA steps, including sample distribution, sample pre-dilution, reagent pipetting, incubation, plate washing, optical-density reading and result generation, without compromising operator safety.
Nevertheless, we are able to show that the finite sample distribution of [[?