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items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

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Sample distribution and analysis according to gender GENDER FREQUENCY % VARIATION MEDIAN SCATTER MIN.-MAX.
In the previous section, given a point of interest on the body, we utilized spin-image in order to associate weight with the sample distribution. The objective of the second method of implementation of DPF is to defined and another approach for associating weight with the sample distribution is studied.
However, in traditional opinions, the k-NN classifier suffers interference from the local sample distribution while SVM can achieve optimal results globally.
Sample Distribution Specimen Total Culture Staphylo-coccus MRSA Samples Positive aureus Pus 1687 546 (32.36%) 170 (31.13%) 94 (55.29%) Body fluid 493 45 (9.72%) 3 (6.66%) Nil (Pleural, Ascitic, Synovial) Blood 1887 189 (10.01%) 79 (41.79%) 24 (30.37%) Table 2.
Although it is claimed that QCN and QCN-RASTALP are robust to different shapes of the sample distribution contours and variability of Lombard effect, these techniques show the lower performance in whisper recognition than CMN and MVN.
The sample distribution by industry reflects the goal of minimizing the sampling error on the total nonfarm employment estimate, while also providing for reliable estimates by industry.
2: Sample Distribution by the conformity of the iodine content of salt according to Algerian standards.
The sample distribution [G.sup.t.sub.b] = ([B.sup.t],[E.sup.t.sub.b-b]) can be gotten from the relief information platform at t periods.
For more than 20 years, QPharma has worked closely with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology manufacturers to validate their systems and facilities; plan their product launches; manage their sample distribution; coordinate their state and federal transparency reporting; train their sales forces; and solve their regulatory compliance problems.
"The subscription base sample distribution is becoming more popular and appealing to indie and mature brands, which find this model more targeted; however sampling distribution via event marketing and gift with purchase remain strong" Identipak recently collaborated with Pinrose, a luxury fragrance company that subscribes to the try-at-home-before-you-buy model.
In this case, uneven sample distribution is obtained regardless of the number of sample points.
Number of CoNS for each study year was calculated, and their resistance to methicillin and sample distribution was determined.
By contrast, for databases of Condition 2 (items targeted at the lower tail of latent trait distribution) and Condition 3 (items targeted at the upper tail of latent trait distribution) we created items with difficulties matching only the tails of the latent trait distribution; respectively, the 20% lower and the 20% upper individuals of sample distribution. Specifically, items difficulties fell between -3.00 and -.84 for Condition 2 and .84 and 3.00 for Condition 3, consistent with values form z score table.