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Synonyms for sample

Synonyms for sample

one that is representative of a group or class

a limited or anticipatory experience

Synonyms for sample

a small part of something intended as representative of the whole

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

all or part of a natural object that is collected and preserved as an example of its class

take a sample of

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A quarter-pound sample is transferred in nitrogen every 2 min, for about 7.
Internet-based tools would manage laboratory access, epidemiologic questionnaires, testing instructions, sample submission, data analysis, and data privileges.
Q We use the visual comparison method to rate sectioned samples for hydrogen level to evaluate solidified reduced pressure samples.
A dynamic mechanical test system said to be the first rheometer to perform unattended sample conditioning and rheological testing on plastic melts has been launched by Rheometrics, Inc.
Persons estimates are provided for a variety of age/sex categories each with different sample sizes and different sampling errors.
AmpFaoSTR([R]) MiniFiler([TM]) PCR Amplification Kit increases usability of compromised samples in criminal investigations and missing persons cases
Three (21%) of 14 workers exposed to CAP samples and 4 (40%) of 10 who denied exposure had titers [greater than or equal to] 20.
This helped in standardizing the simple sample preparation, and provided uniform lighting, a previous problem in Phillips comparisons.
Sample processing--including preparation, analysis, result distribution, sample labeling and filing--is fully automated and performed on the production floor.
The temperature and relative humidity can be independently and precisely controlled over a wide range of values and also over long exposure periods for each of the 32 sample ports on the surface of the sphere.
The sample from the Biosphere 2 ocean had the next lowest concentration (66 pg/L), indicating that high residence time of water over the reef community--in this case, eight years--does not necessarily create high concentrations of estrogen.
The key elements examined in a given situation include the cost of analyzing the volumes of data available, the cost of analyzing the sample, and the availability of any other records that have a greater probative value.
Laboratory tests performed on this hair and a sample from the suspect demonstrated that the evidentiary hair had the same mitochondrial DNA sequence as the one from the suspect and possibly could have come from her.
One example is the review of a sample of meals and entertainment expenses currently subject to a 50-percent limitation.
As such, the findings are not generalizable; however, replication of this study using a larger sample is invited and encouraged.