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fleshy maritime plant having fleshy stems with rudimentary scalelike leaves and small spikes of minute flowers

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If you can't find samphire you can still make today's dish, just replace the samphire with asparagus or even peas.
A little while later the new Samphire Brasserie came into being and rapidly became a favourite place to eat and drink.
To make the samphire salad, heat frying pan add coconut oil when smoking add curry leaf and samphire.
Add the chilli, chopped ginger, samphire and sesame oil and toss everything together.
Samphire picked from the French Atlantic Coast and eucalyptus sourced from Beijing.
Lastly, there appears to be a turf war with respect to the lucrative samphire trade (samphire being "a slightly salty sea asparagus").
(Chcnopodiaceae) (samphire) in areas with varying salinity around Lake Urmia.
Ikonomou a Greek company, having a history dating back to 1936, is devoted to the production and export of rock samphire. This herb is popular for making fish dishes and its health benefits in countries like Dubai and the UK.
Top TIPS: Fresh english marsh samphire (often called sea asparagus) is in season from now until early September.
But I hope he'll forgive me for saying the piri piri lemon sole with tikka sauce and samphire was one of the most fantastic meals I've eaten in years.
On 18 July 2012 the Olympic Torch will travel underground on the 9km section from Eurotunnel's Folkestone Terminal to the 30-hectare nature reserve at Samphire Hoe.
* marinated blacklip abalone with cucumber, avocado, passionfruit and tempura samphire;
Try this recipe from the Fat Hen kitchen ( SODA BREAD STARTER WITH WILD HERBS, SAMPHIRE AND PORK (makes 3 loaves) ingredients 1.5kg white bread flour; 2 pints of buttermilk; 40g salt; 32g bicarbonate of soda; handful of oats; mix of fresh seaweeds and/or wild garlic leaves; mugwort or wild fennel method?
Hail Caesar, trained by Walsh's father Ted, was sent off the 8-11 favourite and was beaten five and a half lengths and three and a half lengths by the Paul Flynn-trained winner Save My Blushes and runner-up Lady Samphire.
The project, which is being run by the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology with sponsorship from Etihad Airways, and Boeing and Honeywell of the US, consists of an ecosystem that includes fish farms, a mangrove plantation and fields to produce salicornia, a crop which is also known as samphire, a salad-like vegetable often served with fresh fish.