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a metal urn with a spigot at the base

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(Right) Japanese porcelain tea service gives an Orientalist twist to the Victorian silver samovar tea and coffee station.
Jurgen also emphasises on the culture of preparing tea which is often made in a large samovar in teahouses in the Middle East and in small samovars in wealthy homes.
Some of the people made tea in samovars to enjoy snowy weather.
The art of metal work flourished in India for over 5,000 years, evident today in richly engraved iron and brass bowls, samovars, plates, and trays from Kashmir; brass items with intricate etching from Uttar Pradesh.
We queued for our cups of tea, served from one of the enormous silver samovars and small armed with a plate of goodies, enjoyed these whilst people watching.
One-Way Tickets opens up with "A Samovars Tale," a synthesis of autobiographical accounts of migration of the authors Eastern European parents to Buenos Aires, her own status as a mobile writer, and initial inquires into the relation between art and experience.
It has only accessories for tea; teaspoons, tea strainers, tea caddies, tea pots, tea urns, and samovars. This collection doesn't have tea aprons and tea paintings or napkins.
All about the room stand samovars, containers that hold steaming hot water.
Especially samovars and something nice to hang on the wall.
Summary: Daggers, carpets, samovars and other old items sum up years of work
Second on the list is the Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia/Central Asia, a six-day train journey from Moscow to Beijing, where Russian businessmen, Mongolian traders and Buddhist monks gather around hot water urns known as samovars to swap stories.
The tents were classic safari style with Indian rugs, polished brass samovars and washbasin, a flush toilet and an alfresco shower, with hot water as required.
You'd think a celeb wedding list would be a glittering cavalcade of gold plated samovars and Louis XIV furniture, but not this one.
There is a range of genuine antiques which includes Moroccan Silver Samovars, urns for heating water and a 300-year-old fortified door.