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Synonyms for sameness

Synonyms for sameness

the quality or condition of being exactly the same as something else

the state of being equivalent

a tiresome lack of variety

Synonyms for sameness

the quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety

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There's a narcissistic mirror in the other; there's that biological sameness that's going to create similar characteristics.
It's about creating moments of sameness, moments that can look past the things that separate us from another, and see what makes us the same in our humanity," said Lina Nahhas, founder of the project.
Reservations manager Djamel Guermit commented: "This is initiative by Sameness Project is really wonderful and amazing, it gives you the opportunity to go out there and get to know these men that works hard to build this city and keeping it beautiful.
We want to show them that they are not invisible, that we are also workers in Dubai and that we can share a moment of sameness.
Even a scene that should be horrifyingly gruesome--the death of a newborn twin, whose crime is sameness, by lethal injection--fails to stir emotions from its viewer.
According to the company, the CP provides new scientific data on gene expression and evidence to support arguments regarding active ingredient sameness, immunogenicity and bioequivalence testing with regard to its relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis medicine, COPAXONE.
The sameness of the documents that are being distributed to us stems from the fact that eight years of rule of this coalition has no difference in determining the strategic goals and priorities.
Dubai-born Lina Nahhas, who has founded the group Sameness Project, told XPRESS: "It is quite common to see people living in the same building or on the same street but not knowing each other.
I'd like us to strengthen nursing by strengthening ourselves, creating space for all nurses to come together with our diverse traditions and values, to be united based on solidarity, not sameness.
As he also pointed out, a world of absolute difference between two things seems as impossible as one where absolute sameness exists.
I'm spiritual enough to know the sameness is not our friend, variety and diversity are.
Elder writes that explosivism and conventionalism ignore something constitutive of the very nature of our judgements about these two forms of sameness.
National identity is very much centered around difference rather than sameness and kiwiana is very much about celebrating difference.
2 : to break the sameness or course of <A loud crash interrupted the silence.
The first dimension is the focus of identity work, which they divide into a focus on sameness and a focus on difference.