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Synonyms for salve

Synonyms for salve

anything that remedies or heals or soothes

save from ruin, destruction, or harm

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apply a salve to, usually for the purpose of healing

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While it was not immediately clear how Salve managed to hoodwink the tight security inside and outside the Mantralaya building to reach the parapet wall undetected, he was whisked away from the scene by police for interrogation.
While some balms are suited to everyday use, occasionally you'll need a stronger salve for soothing specific ailments.
The salve stays good for years on one condition, water or liquid never touch it.
Las 7 Salves de La Magdalena: 7 Songs of Praise for the Magdalene, Raquel Z.
Salve Germania will now be ridden by Kinane and is at least bred to win this - her dam, Salve Regina, triumphed in 2002.
The truck gift set contains Mechanic's Muscle Easing Salve, Mechanic's Hand and Mechanic's Skin Moisturizer.
February 2006) Since then, a cancer vaccine has been approved for veterinary use and a new version of an old herbal salve has become a "first choice" for many holistic veterinarians.
Pictured: Calendula Baby Salve, Dandelion Oil and Lavender Healing Salve made with comfrey, chickweed and plantain.
Arnica is a mountain plant that has long been used to salve bruises and sore muscles, so try Arnica Cream after a long day out at the garden or a rough backwoods hike.
Anda circulando un correo electronico esparciendo el rumor de que autoridades eclesiasticas intentaron boicotear la exhibicion de Dios te salve (Conspiracy of Silence; Reino Unido, 2003), una cinta que aborda la cuestion del celibato y denuncia el silencio de la Iglesia en torno a la epidemia del sida dentro de la institucion misma.
He noted that the priests in his Archdiocese, after the funeral of a brother priest, sing in Latin the Salve Regina.
Boscia, Irvine,CA, a preservative-free skin care brand, introduces the new Jujube Salve Stick, a multi-purpose skin conditioner the delivers immediate relief and anti-aging benefits to dry, aging skin.
The aforementioned ill-fated couple, Nick (Tony Lo Bianco) and Alicia (Lainie Kazan), are 40 years down the road and still histrionically picking at these sore wounds, but the chemistry between Nick's nephew Tony (Vincent Spano) and Alicia's daughter Sara (Patricia Heaton) may provide some salve.
Equally impressive, for single five-part choir (Jeremy Summerly uses thirteen singers), is the Marian motet Salve intemerata, at twenty-three minutes one of the longest continuous works of the period.