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a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling salt


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The first and second race went to Ed Psaltis' Midnight Rambler, with Stenning and Gunn's Stormaway in second place and Pete Franki's Saltshaker in third.
Approximately one quarter of restaurants had saltshakers (27%) on tables, and sit-down restaurants were more likely to have saltshakers on tables than fast-food restaurants (p<0.
The urn-like vessel, now surrounded by 10 teeth, two for each of the flower's carpels, will sprinkle out its reproductive contents only when the stem is vigorously moved about by the wind or a passing animal--a dispersal process called "the saltshaker method," or anemoballism.
Ingredients Needed for Each Tester 1 glass of a light-bodied off-dry white wine (such as an early-harvest Gewurztraminer) 1 glass of a dry, full-bodied, oaky white wine (such as Chardonnay) 1 glass of a medium-bodied red wine (such as Merlot) 2 wedges of apple 2 wedges of lemon 2 slices of cheese (mild flavor with firm texture such as Monterey Jack or Colby) Several black olives (unpitted) Saltshaker
What looked like an old aluminum saltshaker hung from its rope collar and as Judith's father stepped warily from the car, the dog charged to within three feet of him and stood there barking furiously until Judith's father, in a peacemaking gesture, held out the back of his hand for sniffing--not an easy thing for her father to do, Judith knew, given his general aversion to the entire canine family.
The amount of lead ranged from twice the federal limit in a metal ice cream scoop to 714 times the limit in a saltshaker lid.
Lead concentrations in the tested items ranged from a low of 0 ppm for a spinning toy top to a high of 428,525 ppm for a saltshaker lid.
It"s interesting to see the generational shifts as well -- my parents can"t sit down to dinner without the saltshaker and salt their meals prior to even tasting.
Atomato with a half-peeled skin sags in a dish next to a porcelain saltshaker.
Posting of Saltshaker to eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, supra note 10 (questioning whether using a different herb in foam makes it fundamentally different).
We"re all familiar with the tiny, white crystals in the saltshaker.
Enjoy the funky rock and roll of Brown Music, metal by Concast and Dangwa, the Inkubus Sukkubus songs by Kasis, Foo Fighters-style of Presto, the Fast Reggae of Saltshaker and finally Sandwash playing everything from the Beatles to Nine Inch Nails.
If you're the average American, throwing away your saltshaker will hardly make a dent in your sodium intake because salt added at the table is minimal compared to the salt that is hidden in the processed foods we eat every day.