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Synonyms for saltiness

language or humor that is down-to-earth


the taste experience when common salt is taken into the mouth

the property of containing salt (as a compound or in solution)

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The sweet taste of brown caramelised onions, with the saltiness of couscous and chicken create a completely balanced ground when one eventually tastes everything clearly and strongly.
The hazelnut aromas, dried fruits and saline edge on the finish makes it a natural bedfellow with the nutty, saltiness of manchego cheese.
Healeys cheddar is said to have a harmonious, savoury and nutty flavour, which is in perfect balance with its saltiness and acidity.
Made with Papa's Pilar rum, smoked salt syrup, lime and egg white, the drink's frothiness and subtle saltiness bring to mind the foam that laps up on the seashore after a wave breaks.
Close to the sea, this is where the humid air influences the flor and engages the taste buds with an underlying saltiness.
Make a couple of small wells in the centre of each ramekin and crack in an egg, a few turns of black pepper and a conservative sprinkle of salt, bearing in mind the saltiness of the cheese.
The saltiness of the water and the organic contaminants have made treatment difficult and expensive.
The modern sharks require three times the saltiness of the Eocene sharks in order to survive.
The mix of sweet, sour and pungent flavours tones down the saltiness and smell of the fish.
According to an opinion, due to very warm atmospheric conditions prevailing these days, the sea water must have evaporated to a great leve and the water might have turned more brackish and fishes would not be able to bear up saltiness newly developed in the sea water.
In France, scientists assessed how salt distributed heterogeneously in a product would affect saltiness perception intensity.
In a symbolic act, representatives of the Evangelical Church in Germany, the German Reformed Alliance, the Evangelical Reformed Church of Germany and the local Reformed Church presented bread and salt to the presidentand executive staff of WCRC, expressing their wish that WCRC should never lose its saltiness (Matthew 5:13).
Umami heightens the flavour profile which helps increase apparent saltiness, as confirmed by an external sensory analysis.
It also lent a lovely sweetness, mitigating some of the full-on saltiness of the cheese.