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a plant where salt is produced commercially

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Natural hypersaline environments include salterns, salt lakes, salt marshes, salt flats (sabkhas), and oil and gas production wastewaters.
The study was conducted in the solar saltern of Sfax located in the central eastern coast of Tunisia (34[degrees]397N and 10[degrees]43,E).
Locals, who spotted the creature off the Devon coast at Saltern Cove, Paignton, had thought that it was a turtle.
TVSP 101 was used which had been isolated from the solar evaporated saltern pond of Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India (14, 15).
The rise and decline of the saltern: Rent-seeking at its best.
Onslow Salt has a solar saltern with an annual output of 2,500,000 ton.
Jenkins, of Kings Saltern Road, Lymington, Hants, denies murder.
The scene of the crime was a long, narrow saltern, a desert-like tract of parched mud in the heart of Jim Neville Marine Preserve.
Praetermissis saltern pro nunc quaestionibus de delictis forte in casu patratis necnon de damnis ab iisdem forte illatis;
He added that the EBSC has signed a usufruct agreement with the Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate for 80,000 feddans of land in the Menesy saltern designated for establishing a black sand separation plant at a cost of $40m.
Isolation and characterization of moderately halophilic bacteria from Tunisian solar saltern, Current Microbiology, 2010; 60(3): 157-161.
In the Sfax Solar Saltern, Bacillariophyceae dominated with Dinophyceae in the least salty ponds but they are rarely abundant in hypersaline environments [13].
Once recommenced, Paranthan factory can take its required salt from Elephant Pass saltern. We are also planning to upgrade Elephant Pass saltern so that we will become self-sufficient in domestic and industrial salt supplies.
Screening and optimization of protease production from a halotolerantBacillus licheniformis isolated from saltern sediments, Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 1-6.
JAJ18 taken for this study was previously isolated from a coastal solar saltern [17], which shows antimicrobial activity against a range of bacteria.