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any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soil

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Leigh JH (1972) Saltbush and other chenopod browse shrubs.
Lepus alleni is poorly represented in areas dominated by creosote, saltbush, and other low-growing shrubs (<2 m) including triangle-leaf bursage.
Because fire does not propagate well among saltbush, and because it thrives in a dry, arid climate, the case supporting two of the three potential causes for extinction was weakened.
Australian saltbush (Rhigodia spinescens) is another plant that Jennings regales for its drought tolerance.
Other natural substances that have been found to benefit patients with diabetes include green tea extract, bilberry, aloe vera juice, saltbush, biotin, silymarin, pterocarpus marsupium, and cinnamon.
Other information from the Pliocene in south-western WA (Table 1) reveals that while the climate was a little wetter and probably warmer than today, cycles of aridity marked by expansion of saltbush occurred (Dodson et al.
In another WA salinity project, FFI CRC researchers have demonstrated the potential of saltbush as a nutritional supplement for sheep.
For those familiar with the Saltbush Bill poems and "The Gundaroo Bullock", Banio's schoolboy memory clearly provided material.
As the heat waned with the daylight Wintirangu hoisted her husband onto her back and carried him through the saltbush to the shelter of their wiltja [shelter].
The ewes were wintered near Eastern Nevada under saltbush and sagebrush grazing conditions.
Cuscuta sauna is known to primarily parasitize halophytes, such as four-winged saltbush (Atriplex canescens), shadscale (A.
Vegetation in Owens Valley is atypical of many habitats used by elk in North America, and consists largely of uplands dominated by saltbush (Atriplex spp.
Rodents did like the millet better than the native plant, four-wing saltbush.
Maybe his hands were scratched by mesquite, his coat peppered with saltbush seeds, his fine leather boots caked with red desert dust from the arroyo below.
Rare plants include Lost Hills saltbush, alkali larkspur, and California jewel flower.