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Saltatory processes and altricial to precocial forms in the ontogeny of fishes.
The same is true for the meadow jumping mouse, whose elongated hind legs are adapted to saltatory motion.
Early ontogeny of walleye, Stizostedion vitreum, with steps of saltatory development.
The point every altered state method, from the absolutely free association Breathwork evokes (Hendricks, 1995; Zimberoff & Hartman, 1999) to the saltatory, emotion-driven age regressions used in Hypno-Behavioral Therapy (Zimberoff & Hartman, 1998), is to facilitate an exploration of history in a manner that reveals patterns so far unrecognized by the conscious intellect.
The enlargement process, permanently controlled and disposing of the clearly defined subjects and precise rules, in most cases lacks the symptoms of spontaneity; moreover, repeated strokes are not "a quick and saltatory phenomenon" as is implied by the term "waves.
The larval search strategy for prey appeared to change from one that was saltatory to one that was cruising, and the foraging behavior was not strongly affected by variation in prey availability.
Myelinated nerve conduction is saltatory, meaning the impulse leaps from one node of Ranvier to the next.
In individual children, this may coincide with the degradation of type I collagen occurring at the same time (releasing ICTP into the circulation), either as part of the normal saltatory growth pattern [25] or during subclinical infections that may affect short-term growth [26].
Because saltatory spurts of similar magnitude showed up in children who were measured weekly or twice-weekly, she suspects that these growth changes occurred over a 24-hour period.