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Barber points out that savers who don't use their allowance in the current tax year can salt away pounds 6,600 in cash beyond the taxman's grasp by rolling their 2007 allowance into 2008.
We've been working on the track today, harrowing it and the like, but what we really need now is some more rain to wash the remainder of the salt away.
One thing that life cannot do, is take your salt away from you.
Then he marinades it in a salt mixture for about 12 hours, then washes the salt away and finally cold smokes it on racks.
If this is the case then _ a low protective fence would keep the salt away from your plants.
It means that any family earning less than pounds 16,000 a year will be able to salt away a nest-egg of up to pounds 5,000 - with HALF of it provided by the Government.
Or they forgot to salt away money for political contribution?
31% from March 1995 to March 1998, and will accept initial investments as small as $100 if you set up an automatic investment plan to salt away $50 a month.
The smallest sum you can salt away for tax-free returns at the moment is through a friendly society, like Liverpool & Victoria, Homeowners and Family Assurance.
Boss opened the secret account to salt away profits made from the Third Reich.
Taking the salt away lowered their blood pressure to its original level," says Kaplan.
NBA director, Kim Haywood said: "Traders have told us that a concerted move to sell off a nationwide overload of unsold steak and topside was initiated this week to make room for the forequarter beef that traders must soon begin to salt away for autumn.