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Synonyms for sally

Synonyms for sally

witty remark

a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position

a venture off the beaten path

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If Mr Quilp spoke figuratively, and meant to imply that the air breathed by Miss Sally Brass was sweetened and rarefied by that dainty creature, he had doubtless good reason for what he said.
Mr Swiveller,' said Quilp, 'being pretty well accustomed to the agricultural pursuits of sowing wild oats, Miss Sally, prudently considers that half a loaf is better than no bread.
Dick murmured something about never wanting a friend or a bottle to give him, and also gasped forth his favourite allusion to the wing of friendship and its never moulting a feather; but his faculties appeared to be absorbed in the contemplation of Miss Sally Brass, at whom he stared with blank and rueful looks, which delighted the watchful dwarf beyond measure.
Miss Sally will teach him law, the delightful study of the law,' said Quilp; 'she'll be his guide, his friend, his companion, his Blackstone, his Coke upon Littleton, his Young Lawyer's Best Companion.
With Miss Sally,' Quilp went on, 'and the beautiful fictions of the law, his days will pass like minutes.
Mr Cobb was human, and Sally was looking particularly attractive that morning.
He tried to make this side of the question clear to Sally, but failed signally.
In the silence which followed her words Sally had grown up.
He sprang forward, and Tom, pushing Sally aside, turned to meet him.
Tom kissed Sally with the gravity of one performing a ritual.
cried Sally, scrambling to her feet unhurt, but a good deal shaken.
I don't think I 've eaten any pies since that had such a delicious flavor as those broken ones, eaten hastily, in that little oven of a room, with Sally making jokes and the others enjoying stolen sweets with true girlish relish.
Be sure you get the bag by the right end,' said Sally.
Now you 've done it,' cried Sally, as Mary scratched like a mad rat, and a door creaked below, for Miss Cotton was not deaf.
Sally dived into her bed, recklessly demolishing the last pie, and scattering the candy far and wide.