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To confirm the presence of a salivary gland stone you'll have a sialogram, in which a dye is injected directly into the blocked duct and an X-ray of the area is taken.
aegypti (lab scale cultures & landing populations) and Salivary Gland (SG) Dissection:
The mean of the response of Anastrepha obliqua virgin females (from the wild population with the host fruit Averrhoa carambola) to the volatile conspecific male extracts from the salivary gland, to the volatiles from conspecific male aeration and to control.
Basal cell adenocarcinoma arising in salivary gland metaplasia of the breast: a novel salivary gland-type tumor developing in the breast.
Physicians use these products in sialendoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure for visualizing and treating obstructive salivary gland disorders through the salivary ducts.
We have previously shown in autopsies of Parkinson's patients that the abnormal proteins associated with Parkinson's are consistently found in the submandibular salivary glands, under the lower jaw, and this is the first study demonstrating the value of testing a portion of the saliva gland to diagnose a living person for Parkinson's disease.
Less than 3% of salivary gland tumours occur in children.
Many different aetiological theories have been proposed for salivary gland formation.
Although salivary gland involvement in RA has been known for a long time, it did not draw much attention from researchers.
Many salivary gland diseases can contain either solid or cystic components.
Salivary gland malignancies are one example where improved outcomes have consistently been reported.
Warthin tumor (WT) is a well-defined benign salivary gland tumor, most commonly found in the parotid gland.
For developmental biologists, anatomists, students, and clinicians, Tucker and Miletich (craniofacial development, King's College London, UK) bring together eight chapters on aspects of salivary gland development, disorders, and treatment, including the mechanisms involved in embryonic development, current stem cell research, the ability of adult glands to regenerate, the signaling pathways involved in the process, and animal models.
NEW YORK -- The risk of developing a primary malignancy of the salivary gland, bone, prostate, and other areas is significantly--and in some cases dramatically--increased following a cutaneous melanoma diagnosis.
If the sight of adelicious piece of cake induces physical pain in your throat, you may have salivary gland stones which can block the salivary gland ducts causing sudden and intense pain during mealtimes