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a hydrometer that determines the concentration of salt solutions by measuring their density

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Salinity was measured with a Beckman salinometer and temperature with an immersion thermometer.
SSTs were recorded with a bucket thermometer, and the salinity of a sample of water taken just below the surface was measured with a handheld salinometer.
Salinity was determined with a refractometer which was calibrated using distilled water, and verified occasionally with an Autosal salinometer (Guildline Instruments, LTD, Orlando, Florida, model 8400B) or a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer, model 4000).
We built an external data acquistion box to collect salinometer and nutrient data from sea water samples," says Jeffrey Bryson, a research chemist at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, KailuaKona, HI.
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The different salinities were produced by adding crude salt into natural seawater and then measuring the salinity with a salinometer.
During 1991 and 1992 temperature and salinity were determined by using a Niskin bottle, a thermometer, and an induction salinometer.