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Synonyms for salinity

the taste experience when common salt is taken into the mouth

the relative proportion of salt in a solution


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The bivalve Mytilus edulis is a euryhaline osmoconformer (Krogh 1939, Tedengren & Kautsky 1986) that occurs in environments ranging from full oceanic salinity (34) to mesohaline (5-18) estuarine conditions (Bayne 1976).
Chcnopodiaceae) (samphire) in areas with varying salinity around Lake Urmia.
The instrument's surface salinity measurements are contributing to a better understanding of ocean dynamics and advancing climate and ocean models, both from season to season and year to year.
Among the enzymes that help salinity tolerance is an enzyme called (ACC Deaminase) which is an enzyme responsible for breaking down the ACC, which is the material necessary for the production of aging and suicide hormone at plant (ethylene).
Accordingly, this research aimed to study the effect of different osmotic potentials of salinity and drought stress on the attributes related to germination of pinto bean plants was and were performed to study and compare the sensitivity of the studied local masses in relation to the these stress tests.
The consequences of this warming in the Arctic include changes in freshwater runoff and atmospheric water vapor and decrease in salinity that can affect marine biology.
In contrast, long-term salinity research indicates that soil salinity is usually greater in the deeper soil profile, because crops take up salts in the shallow soil profile, and irrigation and rainfall leach salts out of the root zone into the lower soil profiles (Rhoades et al.
In fact, the borderline for cyanobacteria in the south seems to be at a salinity of 9-10 PSU, except when wind or water currents bring them across this border, but they do not seem to sustain at higher salinities (Kahru et al.
All parameters from 3 Legume species with 4 salinity levels were analyzed using 3 x 4 factorial designs.
The date palm for example, can tolerate salinity in excess of 30,000 parts per million, though the quality of fruit deteriorates; whereas Hippeastrum suffers when salinity rises above 1,750ppm.
The Governor General of Basra, Shaltah Aboud, said salinity has become "enemy number one" to agriculture and provision of drinking water.
For more than a decade, he has pioneered ways to study these difficult-to-reach Arctic whales, and he and his colleagues now describe in the April Anatomical Record that narwhals can detect changes in water salinity using only their tusks.
Soil salinity is such environmental stress occurring in arid and semi-arid regions as a major problem (Kingsbury and Epstein, 1986).
Previous evidence for temperature and salinity levels of geologic-era oceans around the globe have been estimated indirectly from various types of evidence in deep sediment cores," said Ward Sanford, a USGS research hydrologist and lead author of the investigation.