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Synonyms for salinity

the taste experience when common salt is taken into the mouth

the relative proportion of salt in a solution


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A population of adults was maintained at 20 [degrees]C in the lab at Tufts University, using artificial seawater (ASW; Instant Ocean Spectrum Brands, Blacksburg, VA) at a salinity of 30.
Salinity experiments: effects of embryonic exposure to low salinity on hatching success, juvenile survival, and juvenile growth
Processes that result in plant growth are especially sensitive to the effects of water deficit and salinity, so that growth rate and biomass production are good criteria for evaluating the degree of stress, because they allow inferences about the plant capacity to tolerate these adverse conditions (SCALON et al.
IBM SPSS statistical software was used to calculate a series of two-way ANOVA tests to determine if there was a relationship between temperature and salinity and germination success in each of the three species.
The River Murray Salinity Zoning Policy is being reviewed, taking into account considerable changes in irrigation and land and water management through the years.
Although agricultural salinity is a generally well-known issue, communicating the full extent and severity of the problem to policymakers, stakeholders and other nonspecialists is a challenge.
Anon (1976), cited by Hawker and Smith (1982), described a field study in which cassava had an approximately 50% decrease in yield at a salinity level as low as 6 to 8 mM NaCl (0.
The James River oyster reefs most subject to summer freshets (low-salinity events) are just downstream of a transitional zone where annual salinity values regularly vary from less than 1.
These tolerant and susceptible lentil genotypes could be used as further evaluation against salinity on physiological and biochemical basis.
The quantity of fertilized eggs hatched in female's mouth were not significantly different among groups at 0%-20% salinity level and above this level they were found to be inversely proportional to 30% salinity level (Table II).
Keywords: Antioxidants, biochemical, eggplant, GB, ionic changes, MDA, proline, salinity.
In coastal areas, drought has additional effects on environmental and socioeconomic dynamics and public health (such as freshwater availability, waterborne pathogens, and shellfish harvesting) as a result of the interaction of sea level, precipitation, and stream-flow affecting the salinity dynamics in coastal rivers and estuaries (Gilbert et al.
The treatments consisted of the combination of two basil cultivars ('Verde' and 'Roxo') and four levels of irrigation water salinity (0.
1]) soil salinity planted in winter (15 December) in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and high soil salinity (33.
Salt tolerance was studied in eight upland cotton cultivars (CIM-446, CIM-473, CIM-496, CIM-499, CIM-506, CIM-554, CIM-707 and SLH-284) under control and four NaCl salinity concentrations (50, 100, 150 and 200 mM).