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an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water

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These structures are not affected by the saline solution. The iron oxide particles can only be released when the first clusters have dissolved.
Chalino in Portland, OR, uses two drops of a saline solution in its Orange Rhyming Dictionary cocktail with Altos reposado tequila, Banhez mezcal, fresh carrot juice, Cocchi Americano, honey syrup, Fernet Vallet and a bit of citric acid.
Grifol's 500ml Normal Saline solution is manufactured at its industrial complex in Murcia (Spain) and has passed US FDA approval to market this product in the US in 2017.
Conclusions and Clinical Relevance--Of the CMI protocols assessed, a 2-phase CMI protocol with a post-CMI saline solution flush was the most reliable for CTA-derived measurements of the major thoracic and abdominal arteries in African grey parrots.
Finish up with a squirt or two of saline solution in both eyes.
The paper details how electricity is generated using FFNG - an electric double layer is created around the fiber, and the flowing solution composed either of a saline solution or water, which then distorts the charge distribution in the blood vessel and generates electricity along a long axis.
Scientists have developed a flexible battery that could run on saline solutions such as bodily fluids such as tears, sweat or even urine.
Jones hypothesized that if chewing xylitol gum helps, then introducing xylitol via a saline solution into the nose and sinuses would have greater effect.
Hil.), two synthetic products with metaldehyde-based active principle (Madelesma[R] and Metarex[R]) embedded in toxic bait pellets with V) 3% concentration and VI) 5% concentration, and saline solution at the concentrations of VII) 5% and VIII) 10%.
UNITED States President Barack Obama on Wednesday lauded Filipina engineer Aisa Mijeno, who invented lamps powered by saline solution, during a forum for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Summit 2015 in Manila.
WHEN A 41-YEAR-OLD WOMAN underwent hydrothermal ablation to treat menorrhagia, her uterus was perforated and hot saline solution injured her intestines.
In various studies different concentration of hypertonic saline solutions were used, we used 3.5% hypertonic saline solution because it was about the same concentration of sea water and was considered harmless and better tolerated by the patients, including even children.
While the expiration date on the bottle had passed, it is hard to imagine how the age of the eyewash made it reasonably likely that a reasonably serious injury would occur (and never mind the fact that the bottle of saline solution was sitting right next to a sink).
A hydrogel or silicon hydrogel substrate (a soft contact lens) is immersed in a saline solution, wherein the substrate has a non-dyed appearance; a dye is added to the solution, producing a combination solution; the hydrogel or silicon hydrogel substrate/soft contact lens remains in the combination solution for an amount of time at a temperature from about 60[degrees]F to about 82[degrees]F, wherein the dye does not print color into any part of the soft contact lens matrix; and removing the hydrogel or silicon hydrogel substrate from the combination solution to produce a reversibly dyed hydrogel or silicon hydrogel substrate.
If a patient arrives with a traumatic injury, and attempts to restart their heart have failed aACAo if they're on the doorstep of death aACAo they will have their blood replaced with a cold saline solution, which stops almost all cellular activity.