salicylate poisoning

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poisoning caused by the excessive ingestion of salicylates (usually aspirin)

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Although salicylate poisoning can cause an increase in Cl [1], the magnitude of the increase and the negative AC gap led us to investigate the effect of salicylate on Cl determinations.
17 mmol/L [2], and salicylate poisoning is not a rare occurrence.
Salicylate poisoning from aspirin may result from accidental overdose ingestion, including suicide attempts, or complication of long-term aspirin theraphy.
Another possibility is that undissolved tablets accumulate in the stomach of a patient with gastric outlet obstruction, resulting in acute salicylate poisoning.
The patient responded rapidly to treatment and was discharged well after 2 weeks with a final diagnosis of urinary tract infection complicated by salicylate poisoning.