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an area where merchandise (such as cars) can be displayed

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in Cowan's Cincinnati, Ohio salesroom with previews on Thursday, November 16 from noon to 5 p.
With around three sales events staged each week, lighting has to be constantly readjusted at the London salesroom.
The car came to rest by the Colin Appleyard car salesroom close to the junction with St Thomas's Road.
Joyalukkas, which has annual sales in excess of USD1bn and hopes to open a salesroom in Singapore over the next two months, will use the financing to grow its business in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe, the official said.
David says he fell in love with Duggins' work when he first saw one of his paintings at a salesroom in Rugby when he was just 16.
You could get started by: working in an antiques shop or auction house as an assistant or general worker; working in a salesroom or an auction house as a porter, clerk, cataloguer, valuer or auctioneer; collecting and researching antiques as a hobby and trading items.
At the height of the country's fortunes in 2007, millionaire builders and Celtic Tiger tycoons forked out for 135 Porsches, but just 10 were driven out of the salesroom in 2009.
The 24 televisions form part of Michael BennettLevy's collection of early technology, which will be sold at Bonhams' Knightsbridge salesroom on September 30.
This new salesroom presents the complete range of specialty roasters in an original shop roastery that includes a cafe.
Bonhams' new salesroom is at the IBM building, formerly the home of the Dahesh Museum.
The cathedral-like space (only in scale, not charm or interest) gives the impression of being a salesroom for an escalator manufacturer.
One stalwart at a South Wales car salesroom really does have something to crow about.
At the Self Serve Lumber stores, customers, who are mostly DIYers, drive into the yard through a lift gate, load materials into their vehicles and drive to another lift gate at the checkout area where a manager steps out from the salesroom to count the merchandise.
Since the beginning of last year, 2000, this strategy has seen two new dealerships opened in Morocco at Rabat and Tangier, a second salesroom opening in Lagos, and a new importer assigned for Burkina Faso.
The acknowledged grand master, if not patriarch, of the santeros (saintmakers) of Tobati is 63-year-old Zenon Paez Esquivel, whose home, workshop and salesroom, all rolled into one, announces itself on the main street with a crude sign reading: "Artesania y Santeria.