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The incident allegedly took place onOctober 1when the 28-year-old Indian salesman made threats against the other man urging him to drop a court case he had filed against his wife.
The Indian salesman and his co-worker were present at the mobile store where they work when the 24-year-old Iranian man walked into their shop one day in August at 8.
The Nepalese maid asked the salesman not to come to the villa, according to records, because it was late and she was alone.
According to the statement, Farhadi attended about 50 interviews after The Salesman world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and all interviews were organized by the movie's international distributer.
Cleveland Police issued an appeal for information after a salesman reportedly called at people's homes between May 19 and June 7 claiming to be opening a jewellery shop and asked the victims if they wished to sell any items.
Prosecutors said that in September 2014, the 33-year-old Indian businessman, who knew the salesman, told him that he had a European customer who wanted to buy designer perfumes from Dubai and asked him if he knew anyone in Dubai Duty Free to provide the perfumes.
The out-of-work newlywed took a temporary job as a vacuum cleaner salesman to make ends meet.
Penman pleaded guilty to affray on October 6 last year and in his basis of plea he said the salesman, apparently selling insulation, banged on his door.
The salesman, 27, claimed his co-defendant told him to go to shops and buy goods using the card issued for the loan.
Gordon's act was enough to convince the poor salesman to suggest a test drive that he won't soon forget.
A CAR dealership in Huddersfield has promoted its record-breaking salesman to the role of sales manager.
POLICE investigating a distraction burglary in Kenilworth want to speak to anyone who bought goods from a door to door salesman.
To each of us, all the others, whether individuals or institutions, look like the proverbial used-car salesman who praises the qualities and hides the defects of his product to a degree that he makes us believe he is selling us a peach when he is, in fact, selling us a lemon.
While door-todoor selling is legal with a correct licence and identification, officers said they were keen to speak to the salesman to check they were "not committing any offences".
Summary: BEIRUT: A man posing as a salesman of religious icons robbed a home in Dora Wednesday after spraying a drug on the woman who opened the door, according to the National News Agency.