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Jah, a Thai saleslady, said her customers want to have new styles for their hair.
There she works well because she is attractive, perceptive, and bright enough to be an effective saleslady.
Her last ten years were spent as a saleslady in the ladies departments of, first, Stewart's Department Store and then, The Mart, both in North Grafton.
I laughed at his stories and he laughed at mine--careless, silly things like my experience at Wanamaker's, with my goal a high place in the decorating department--which was a long time coming--and what I started out with--and glad to get--a saleslady job, checking in at the basement entrance, calling my number, then upstairs to the department where I joined my fellow workers in the song--"Brighten the Corner Where You Are"--the day's inspiration--Tom was fascinated with the blow-byblow descriptions of daily events--"How went the emporium today?
Perfume saleslady Melody Parris decides to make a Christmas list.
Beth, a saleslady, was surprised when the X23 bus she used to take from Al Nahda 2 (Ghusais) to the Gold Souq did not turn up recently.
The illustrations are complementary in their wit, picturing a child whose face and body reflect that she is absolutely fed up, and a delightfully pursed-mouth saleslady in huge triangular spectacles, eyes turned obstinately away, dangling the red shoe above the child's head, out of reach.
The saleslady says, half joking, "You must have a big date.
Timings during Ramadan are also an issue especially for those who have to start work at 8pm like Maricel Tejones who works as a saleslady at Marina Mall.
Her mother, Dorothy Kline, supported herself, Wayne and her own mother as "a traveling saleslady in the corset business", as Wayne puts it.
Woman, beautiful, artist, wife, housekeeper, cook, saleslady.
But what was funny: during that hour of hurling clothes back and forth over the dressing room door, the saleslady approached Mary to whisper collegially, "You're very good at that; I'd love to hire you.
As I had just four one dollar bills in my purse, I told the saleslady that I'd write a cheque.
For example you can start as a saleslady at Shoprite or Edgars and become a branch manager within a few years.