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a booth where articles are displayed for sale

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on game days to drive him to Giants Stadium, where he operated his own sales booth.
In December, the members assisted Kappa Delta Pi, the campus Education Honor Society, by working the sales booth at the Scholastic Book Fair.
After attacking Courtney and Nia, Little Joe turned on ticket seller Nilsa Silver, who was sitting in a sales booth.
But in case you thought conservationists have permanently saved the whales from the harpoon gun, you need only take an early morning walk through the acres of stalls inside Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market (the world's largest) to the sales booth of the Kyodo Senpaku Whaling Company.
The inclement conditions have made it impossible to secure the roof and anyone who bought a badge for the stand and does not wish to take up their seat can claim a refund from the sales booth.
Those without Internet access can call 1-800-338-5248 to learn the closest sales booth near them.
For the convenience of clients, the company has opened a special sales booth at the city center at Seeb.
Pierre with CVS' Mike Bloom at the SRC Sales booth.
Within minutes of the end of the film, it seemed that all 600 people were at the sales booth, wanting to buy literature and DVDs, and we sold out within a few hours, leaving us for the rest of the 3-day convention with an empty table to greet potential buyers.
indie "We Don't Live Here Anymore" at Mifed, but it's not taking a separate sales booth, sheltering instead under the umbrella of Paris-based trade org EFEA.
secure the roof, and the racecourse announced yesterday that anyone who has bought a badge for the stand and does not wish to take up their seat can claim a refund from the course sales booth.
* Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Sales booth for MetroCards and transit memorabilia;