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the act of reducing a salary


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Jeremy Vine, right, said his salary cut was "a no-brainer"
Radio broadcasters Jeremy Vine and John Humphrys, news anchor Huw Edwards and North America editor Jon Sopel had all agreed either formally or in principle to salary cuts, the BBCsaid on its website.
To avoid salary cut, a sports coach used coffee to erase stamp dates on his passport that proved his travel outside the country without company's permission, a Dubai court has heard.
It was also reported that HRI had also gone against the wishes of the Department of Agriculture by reversing Kavanagh's voluntary decision to take a salary cut.
5 percent salary cut "just because I felt like I needed to do as much, if not more, as everyone else.
IN reply to that correspondent who is reminding us that Cabinet MPs are willing to take a 5% salary cut.
Summary: West Ham chairman David Sullivan says everyone at the club will be asked to take a salary cut to save the Hammers.
These 400 executive pilots from the erstwhile Indian Airlines have decided to shut down operations in protest against the salary cut imposed by the management.
Bulgaria's National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) has a 50 million leva deficit and is implementing a temporary salary cut of 30 per cent with effect from September 1 2009, NRIC chief executive Anton Ginev said.
If SAS employs foreign personnel on flights to and from Denmark, overlooking existing agreements, the salary cut option will be dropped out," Jensen said.
Those making $240,000 or more would face the maximum 26 days - a salary cut of 10 percent.
That sparked the newspaper to implement a 23% salary cut this week.
Due to the shortfall in Nutcracker income, all non-unionized staff agreed to take a temporary salary cut through June.
He took a 40 percent salary cut, increased prices by 20 percent, increased staff salaries by 10 percent, and created a profit-sharing environment while reducing costs.