salad nicoise

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typically containing tomatoes and anchovies and garnished with black olives and capers

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AFTER savouring the first mouthful of his salad Nicoise, Lawrence Dallaglio calls for olive oil and douses the dry-looking leaves rather more liberally.
Quick salad Nicoise (serves 4) INGREDIENTS: 110g/4oz mixed salad leaves; 2 small Gem lettuces (optional); 2 tins of tuna in oil; 110g/4oz French beans, cooked until just done; 4 tomatoes, each cut into 8; 4 hard-boiled eggs, quartered; 10-12 cooked new potatoes, cut into quarters; handful black olives; small tin anchovies in oil.
Naturally, it doesn't have to involve a crazy, knife-wielding chef spitting a tirade of four-letter expletives-maybe just a disappointing salad Nicoise.
By 10, I shuffle round to The Magnum, for the best salad nicoise ever.
and main courses might include seared breast of cornfed chicken with chorizo and butterbean cassoulet or sea bass with warm salad Nicoise.
Hats on, aprons tied and eager to get started, five amateur cooks ventured into chef Matt's kitchen ready to learn how to dish up a risotto with lobster, a lamb salad nicoise and a scrumptiously rich chocolate fondant.
Perfectly matched with a roast chicken, a dollop of Epoisse or a salad nicoise.
3 Salad Nicoise hails from Nice--and it's been nicely re-created at C'est La Vie, a place to bathe in French accents and the sun-splashed colors of Provence.
From a Sloe Gin Fizz; Sea Scallops Wrapped with Bacon; Salad Nicoise with Pan-Seared Tuna; and Velvet Lobster Bisque; to Shrimp Alexander with Beurre Blanc; Morton's Legendary Chocolate Cake; Cold Grand Marnier Souffle; and Apricot Chutney, Morton's Stake Bible proves itself to be so much more than just another steak book.
Salad nicoise - small tin of canned tuna, lettuce, cucumber, handful of olives and boiled egg with fat-free French dressing.
Other favorites include the traditional Cobb salad and Salad Nicoise, accompanied by traditional as well as creative new salad dressings.
If tuna is the choice for the day, then Salad Nicoise is the dish to make.
For a picture-perfect entree, serve Barley Salad Nicoise.
99 when you buy two, Majestic) is well-crafted with tender fruit, a core of grapefruit and a crisp acidity on the refreshing berry finish that cries out for a salad nicoise.
The most enticing item on the dessert menu, the tablea-chocolate profiteroles, must regrettably be relegated to the last category, with the tinapa salad Nicoise.