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capable of being sold

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* High Yield, Economical, Large Scale Production of Marketable Rare Earth Element Products from Coal Mining Refuse--Equinox Chemicals LLC, located in Albany, Georgia, and project partners will conduct laboratory testing and prepare a technical design for a pilot plant to produce salable REEs.
The result is a mill that can hold its own in today's market, said Prescott: "We have an operating efficiency that will meet or exceed most operations in the industry." The keys to Panama City's operating efficiency are simple: stability of operations, continuity of operation, high equipment uptime, and making salable product a high percentage of the time.
The engineered canola will need further development before becoming a salable product.
Thompson says he knows that homosexuality is not salable to the corporate players involved in the industry.
But it is far from clear whether the most politically salable reform, lowering the age at which offenders can be tried as adults (as 20 states did in the past year alone), will have much, if any, effect on violent juvenile crime.
A correct flux practice of an appropriate 100 lb addition of flux combusts 160 lb of metallics and returns 1693 lb aluminum alloy to the melt, leaving 3367 lb of salable dross.
Salable builtup area situated on fifth floor of the building named as swojas harmony apartment constructed on the property bearing cts no.112a of 3 final plot no.49a2 of 3 situated at erandwane pune.
Sessions will cover secrets of penetrating a market niche; search engine optimization strategies; systems that easily generate salable CDs, e-books, audios, videos, and DVD courses; simple adjustments to common marketing tactics that double and triple sales; how to make connections and structure the deal for joint ventures and affiliate income; and reminders of where the biggest money always lies, whatever your target market.
For example, Oiticica was as fascinated by coca's medicinal role in Incan society, and its transformation into a salable drug is a consummate symbol of capitalist commodification.
Ismael Leyva and his team of 27 at Ismael Leyva Architects (ILA) have designed some of the most salable and important residential buildings going up today.
DOE announced today that three projects have been selected to receive approximately $3 million for research aimed at producing salable rare earth elements (REEs) from domestic coal and coal by-products.
Conceived specifically for this exhibition, Solstizio d'estate (Summer solstice), 2001, filled all four walls of one room, accentuating the emotional value of the ephemeral artistic act as opposed to the stable and salable object.