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Synonyms for salability

Synonyms for salability

the quality of being salable or marketable


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This is also a simple tool to understand the salability and appeal of a business that directly drives actual valuation.
Such a reading is made literal in his multicolored, mirrored Plexiglas Rorschach splotches, which come off less as keys to the unconscious than as icy allusions to its salability.
Efraim Benmelech, University of Chicago, "Asset Salability and Debt Maturity: Evidence from the 19th Century American Railroads" Gerhard Kling, University of Tuebingen, "Disclosure of Mergers without Regulatory Restrictions: Comparing Insider Trading in the year 1908 and 2000 in Germany" Discussant: Marc D.
An independent panel of judges selected 22 best new kosher products based on taste, quality, presentation/packaging, salability and retail price.
The efforts of the slave traders to force Africans to behave in set-piece ways that would enhance their salability, and the motives of the slave owners who sold slaves or bought them are closely examined.
Exterior paint and landscaping improvements can add considerable ``kerb appeal,'' boosting your home's salability. But recreation rooms or swimming pools tend to be losers.
King and other firsthand observers will help salability of effortlessly entertaining pic, once it's transferred to film.
Moreover, with Shooters' 2.4 million visitors per month, the goods and services of the client sites receive maximum visibility and 'salability."'
Stored fresh-cut pieces were below the limit of salability with some visible decay.
When even Fortune 500 companies embrace NT, that would appear to put the lie to the salability and stability issues that haunt NT.
Novell Inc will today announce plans to enter the beta test phase for a new version of its NetWare operating system, called 6 Pack, which the company says is designed to work on multiprocessor systems and provide internet-class salability and performance.
The thirst for yield which spawned the securitization technique now drives it, and with it every decision, even those seemingly remote to the loan's salability.
* The cost of reproduction approach involved an analysis of the expenses incurred in getting the inventory to its present condition with regard to salability. The original purchase price of the raw materials and all expenses associated with transforming these raw materials into work-in-process and finished goods are analyzed and accumulated, to get an indication of the cost or "effort" required to perform the process again and to replace or reproduce the asset with inventory of like utility.
For example, a sales manager may be more optimistic about the salability of a potentially obsolete product than the customer-service manager.
The material becomes a melange of fact and fiction with salability rather than truth the main goal.