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the quality of resembling a saint

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Although great spiritual leaders whose very deportment exuded an aura of saintliness about them are revered to this day in India, their teachings and works which have had a stellar effect on a society plagued by numerous social evils then speaks for their commitment to the times they lived in.
Indeed, claims of being chosen by the gods or a singular God, perfectly embodying the attributes of religious piety and saintliness, and serving as the supreme religio-secular guide and intercessor for subjects were far from unique, even in specific aspects, to the Safavids, let alone the Mughals.
In a rare moment of saintliness, I offered to take a couple of carrier bags–full to a city centre homeless refuge on my way home.
But the sickly-sweet, bake-your-own, don't-mind-me saintliness that has grown around the industry of motherhood is pure humbug.
MOTHER Teresa may have been painted as far from saintliness by academicians Serge Larivie and Genevieve Chenard, but those who knew her dismiss the new study.
Gregory might have pointed to the heroic saintliness of many leaders of the Catholic Reformation (although he does not).
Characters whose saintliness and ordinariness are so tightly braided we can't turn away from them.
In the late 19th and early 20th century," Mason writes, "the church dropped many of its overtly communitarian practices and shifted toward making personal morality the mark of saintliness.
After writing the book, Sultan said that perhaps Keller's real untold story is how "her triumph over multiple disabilities and her enormous celebrity had trapped her within a constricting saintliness and an image of purity.
From Homer to contemporary writers, marathon runner and scholar Roger Robinson explores the saintliness, the sexiness, the freedom, and the engagement with life running represents in literature.
30PM Danny Boyle's dry run for Slumdog Millionaire is a fable full of strained saintliness.
He stated that Ayn "Rand [in the novel Atlas Shrugged] takes a quaintly naive view of the alleged saintliness of successful capitalists.
George Bernard Shaw described Kropotkin as "amiable to the point of saintliness," and in later life he was a ringer for Father Christmas.
The previous evening, amid the incongruous saintliness of the Lambourn Catholic Club, is the small matter of the Jesters.
The saintliness that was the first three months of the year somehow makes you feel like you deserve a treat or two - or three - but that's where it can all go horribly wrong and lead to the world of yo-yo dieting, which really is the road to nowhere.