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the quality of resembling a saint

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Although great spiritual leaders whose very deportment exuded an aura of saintliness about them are revered to this day in India, their teachings and works which have had a stellar effect on a society plagued by numerous social evils then speaks for their commitment to the times they lived in.
Israel alone has known the thirst for social justice, and that inner saintliness which is the source of justice.
Legends came into play as well--of auspicious birth, of piety, of saintliness, even of his being a demi-god; and as those arose, so did counterclaims of the king overstepping the bounds of sacred kingship (pp.
If I was already intimidated by the saintliness of Teresita, how on earth do I live up to Chit Santos
It was also a founding member of the organisation of Islamic Co-operation; the country was once Shi'a under the Fatimids; and is where the majority of the (Sunni) population show an enormous saintliness towards the family of Prophet Mohammed, including the most sacred Shi'a figures, Mohammad's son-in-law and cousin Ali, and his sons Al-Hussein and Al-Hassan.
The greatest of his gifts was the human touch - an exercise of sympathy so natural, so effortless, and constant that his life seemed sometimes to be a furious denial of a saintliness he could not hide'.
Not even the holy fathers, who are so quick of flaunting their assumed mantles of piety and saintliness, have a clean slate to show when it comes to patronage.
The superb, emotion-ridden performance by Vladimir Svirski keeps the character of Sushenya from lapsing into saintliness.
In a rare moment of saintliness, I offered to take a couple of carrier bags–full to a city centre homeless refuge on my way home.
But the sickly-sweet, bake-your-own, don't-mind-me saintliness that has grown around the industry of motherhood is pure humbug.
MOTHER Teresa may have been painted as far from saintliness by academicians Serge Larivie and Genevieve Chenard, but those who knew her dismiss the new study.
Gregory might have pointed to the heroic saintliness of many leaders of the Catholic Reformation (although he does not).
Characters whose saintliness and ordinariness are so tightly braided we can't turn away from them.
In the late 19th and early 20th century," Mason writes, "the church dropped many of its overtly communitarian practices and shifted toward making personal morality the mark of saintliness.
After writing the book, Sultan said that perhaps Keller's real untold story is how "her triumph over multiple disabilities and her enormous celebrity had trapped her within a constricting saintliness and an image of purity.