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Synonyms for saint

a person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization

person of exceptional holiness

hold sacred

declare (a dead person) to be a saint

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It was in San Joses parish church of Saint Joseph where I was baptized, learned the rudiments of Catholic catechism, received my first communion, and served at the Tridentine Latin Masses of old as an altar boy.
San Jose (a California city named after Saint Joseph)--Because the United States obviously stole this land from the Spanish who stole it from the natives (the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and all the money that America paid for the land being obviously nothing like the noble Louisiana Purchase), the name should be changed to Mexicus Correctus--or just plain Mexico.
The author of this attractive book has written a dozen books, including one on saints; he also regularly writes in newspapers and discusses the lives of saints on TV.
Dixon and Saint James began working together to create the Synthia Saint James Collection of blankets and bibs.
Until Lebron moved into the Gunther Avenue Group Home supervised by Saint Dominic's at the age of 15, his life was unstable.
Saint Ralph's many modest and pleasant accomplishments are unfortunately undercut by its lack of originality and context, Supposedly set in the 1950s in the working-class town of Hamilton, there is little to suggest authentic period recreation, and McGowan frames his shots so tight that the film has a hermetic feel to it, Saint Ralph would make a superior Sunday night drama on the CBC, but as a feature film, it's a workman-like effort that fails to excite or push the boundaries.
Yet, despite his accomplishments, Saint George still had black blood coursing through his veins--and no one was going to let him forget it.
Together with the earlier evidence of Margherita's tomb and the panel paintings of her life and activities, these recovered images, having offered the Cortonese vivid portrayals of rescues and healings performed by their miracle-working saint, now support a study intended for much wider appeal.
Elements such as the centrality of the Bible, an emphasis on the Christian view of history, references to past models of sanctity and claims that the saint had changed life on earth in some significant way remain intact.
To mention but a few results, Sufism and wilaya do not always coincide, the teaching of a saint can challenge orthodox positions and practices in astonishing ways, and sharifism (descent from the prophet) can be an important condition without, however, always being a necessary requirement.
In "Why I Write," poet and playwright Assotto Saint notes that "most revolutions - be they political, social, spiritual, or economic - are usually complemented by one in literature" (3).
After graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, she joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange and began to teach high school students.
Throughout these experiences, his childhood devotion to Saint Joseph grew stronger.
To foster reflection on the saint of the day, there's always Butler's Lives of the Saints (Harper-SanFrancisco), which has been updated for modern audiences by Michael Walsh.