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Synonyms for sailplane

aircraft supported only by the dynamic action of air against its surfaces

fly a plane without an engine


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The sailplane that Microsoft is testing in Nevada relies on a battery to run onboard computational equipment and controls such as the rudder, plus radios to communicate with the ground.
sailing, rally, cycling, sailplane, gliding, jet ski, powerboat) and device types (e.
The LAK-17B is a modification of the sailplane LAK-17A.
But on Saturday, September 29th, he will launch into the skies above New Castle, Virginia in a sailplane piloted by Matt Broughton, a friend who has known the artist since high school.
Finland: Man was killed in a mid-air collision of two ultra-light glider planes during the Finnish Sailplane Championships at the weekend, organisers said Monday.
TG-10B basic sail plane trainer, TG-10C aerobatic sailplane trainer, TG-15 A/B advanced cross-country glider, T-41D (C-172) TACAV and flight test aircraft, UV-18B parachuting jump plane.
According to statistics from the Air Force Academy's cadet-run "soar for all" program, sailplane training is the safest and most relevant and cost-effective initial flight training method available.
He was an active member of the Coburg Hills Sailplane Club, which began operating at Creswell's Hobby Field in 2008.
As a sailplane pilot, he had a unique understanding of mountains' effects on wind flow and atmospheric turbulence.
Even though it was my first time, Original Glider Rides pilot Meagan Nauman gave me the front place in our two-person sailplane.
Bent climbed into the front passenger seat of a sailplane and soared above Worcester County.
5 ton sailplane at sufficient speed to climb to an altitude of 1,500ft - enough for a successful flight.
A GERMAN firm has restarted production of a record-breaking sailplane design powered by a lithium-ion battery system.